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Former Chabot College Coach Ken Grace Awarded Legacy Coach Award


Become a USATF Level 1 Coach at Home!

USATF has begun the delivery of online Level 1 Schools via Zoom in real-time across a four-day schedule.  We have requested that the traditional Pacific staff conduct a Zoom school over Martin Luther
King Weekend.  Information TBA.
Click here for the national schedule of schools:

Level 2 Schools

Check the page for updated Level 2 School information

Upcoming USATF Campus Site Relaunch

USATF Campus moved has moved to new website, and users will be unable to login to their account to complete courses, including the Level 1 Exam, retrieve certificates or purchase new courses from the previous website.
All previous users should have received a new system generated password to login. Contact [email protected] if you require additional login or navigating assistance.

Upcoming Clinics:

no upcoming clinics scheduled at this time
Due to ongoing COVID concerns, the SuperClinic we hope to once again offer our Clinic Saturday, 5 February, 2022.  Stay tuned!

USATF Level 1 Recertification Application Update:

USATF members with an expiring Level 1 certificate in 2020 can now apply for renewal through December 31, 2020. Members may verify their certificate expiration date according to the schedule below or by logging into USATF Campus (certificates are available under Transcripts).

Earned Expiration
January 1, 2013-June 30, 2019 December 31, 2020
July 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020 (waiver period) December 31, 2024

Members who completed a Level 1 during the waiver period do not need to take any action until the next recertification period. Level 2 and 3 coaches remain exempt from recertification and no action is necessary.
Application Instructions

  1. Renew USATF membership for 2020
  2. Complete latest SafeSport Training (must be current through 12/31) – NEW requirement
  3. Complete a USATF approved recertification course* (choose one)
    1. USATF Campus Course
    2. USATF Learn By Doing Clinic (2017)
    3. USATF Cross Country Specialist Course
    4. USATF Emerging Elite Coaches Camp
    5. USATF Level 2 Sports Science Classroom
    6. Complete a new USATF Level 1 School
  4. Submit recertification application and processing fee ($30)
  5. Verified by national office (allow five business days)
  6. New certificate awarded on USATF Campus upon approval

You must complete steps 1-3 before accessing the recertification application. Please do not email copies of your certificates unless requested.

*Recertification course must be completed both after Level 1 certificate was last attained and quad start (January 1, 2017). No credit will be provided for any courses completed prior to (last) Level 1 certificate date.

SafeSport Training

USATF has joined the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to implement the SafeSport program. The goal of SafeSport is to provide a safe environment in our sport at all levels, but particularly for athletes who are ages 18 and under. The SafeSport program includes athlete protection policies, guidelines, codes of conduct, a background screening program, education and training, and a reporting process for any SafeSport concerns within our sport.

  • All Officials and Youth Club Coaches and Volunteers will need to complete the SafeSport Program.
  • Youth Coaches must meet this requirements before your club’s membership will be approved and activated in the USATF system for 2016, and beyond.
  • SafeSport became a requirement of the Coaches Registry as of January 1, 2016, and all certification is good until 31 December, 2020.
  • To complete the free, 90 minute, on-line USATF SafeSport Training course, click here.
  • Click here for the current list of those who have cleared the NCSI background screen and SafeSport Training checks.

Additional Links:

USOC Coach Magazine: Free e-zine resource for all coaches with informative articles on training and peripheral considerations common amongst all Olympic sports.

Techniques Magazine: A great free quarterly e-zine from the collegiate USTFCCCA with informative article on all aspects of our sport. An excellent information website with well researched articles on a broad variety of topics.

Coaching Athletics: Free e-zine devoted solely to coaching our sport with feature articles and training tips

Click here for a free USOC 30min webinar on how to coach youth athletes

Click here for link to Sports Hope Foundation which helps high school and community college student athletes find pathways to four year colleges and universities.

Click here for survey on high school/Youth coaches survey regarding USATF-Pacific services conducted by HS-Youth SubCommittee Chair Jennifer Oliver in Spring, 2016.

Associations step-by-step virtual annual meeting-electronic election sheet (27 July’20)

Virtual Meetings & Parliamentary Procedure document


USATF Zoom Background blank Template

Tokyo Olympic Roster by Association

2021-22 Board of Directors Association Grants information

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