Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

Cross Country


USATF Pacific Cross Country Grand Prix

The Pacific Association’s XC Grand Prix is comprised of an annual series of cross country events that culminate with the Pacific Association Cross Country Championships. The Cross Country Grand Prix season typically runs from late August/early September into December. See the LDR Guide for XC Grand Prix Rules, scoring procedure, the bid process for holding an event, and much more.

USATF Pacific Cross Country COVID Advisory

If you are not yet vaccinated, USATF strongly encourages you to consider getting vaccinated.  If you plan to participate in the Pacific Association Cross Country Grand Prix series beginning in August, you should take steps to get fully vaccinated soon.  We are hoping that all ten of the races in our PA XC schedule will get permits.  Each race director will establish COVID protocols for their event which will meet state, county, insurance, and local park requirements aimed at ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved.  Some of our race directors plan to require vaccinations for participants.

  • According to current data, an unvaccinated person is about 25 times as likely to contract COVID, and much more likely to spread the virus to others.
  • While outdoor activities are much safer than indoor, some of our races have considerable congestion, especially at start and finish lines, making social distancing impractical.
  • While California has made great progress in getting people vaccinated and lowering the COVID rate, public health officials warn that this fall and winter could see another spike in COVID cases.
  • Being vaccinated will enable you to fully compete in our PA XC Grand Prix competition.
  • Being vaccinated will help ensure that in the future we won’t have to revert to cancelled, staggered, or virtual races.


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