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The Officials Committee of the USATF Pacific is responsible for the recruitment, certification, and training for the Pacific Association as well as keeping a calendar of meets from which officials can choose to work.

The Officials Committee is comprised of volunteer members of the Association whose goal is to make sure the sports of Track & Field, Long Distance Running, Cross-Country, and Race Walk are officiated in a fair and consistent manner. USATF Pacific Officials work everything from youth meets to the Olympics and World Games. Many officials have achieved the highest levels of certification and have traveled the state, the nation, and the world to help officiate at these top-tier events and are rewarded with the best seat in the house.

We will gladly assist you through the steps that you will need to take
in order to become a USATF Pacific Certified Official

Sign Up to Officiate Track Meets

Track season has started and there are many opportunities to officiate.

  • Click HERE to check the PA Officials Calendar.
  • New officials should check with their Regional Resource Coordinator for help in planning their officiating schedule.

Training Clinics

January and February are the busiest months for training. That’s when recertification for current officials and most clinics for new officials are held. However, clinics are held throughout the year.

Link to Zoom Recording of Annual Meeting (8/27/2023)


Steps to Becoming a Certified Official

The FIRST step to certification is to contact either the Certification Chair at [email protected] or the Training Chair at [email protected]

Once in contact with the Certification Chair and/or the Training Chair you will be directed through a series of steps that will all need to be completed, though not necessarily in the order you see here.

  1. Become a member of USATF (1-year is $40 and 4-year is $140) Must be 18 or older
  2. Complete an NCSI Background Check ($22 good for 2-years)
  3. Complete SafeSport (No cost, full course the 1st year and refreshers for 3 years)
  4. Attend an Introduction to Track & Field Clinic (no cost)
  5. Complete a 75-question Rules Review
  6. Provide a photo for your badge (head and shoulders, no hat, no sunglasses, plain background)
  7. Provide Emergency Contact Information
  8. Complete the New Officials Application (Application includes the Code of Ethics and Performance Guidelines)
  9. Provide your shirt size for your free shirt

The following document will guide you through each of the steps to certification:

Certification Process Document rev. 2

Assistance for Officials


The USATF Pacific Association is divided in 6 regions. Each region has a Regional Resource Coordinator (RRC) available to all officials in their region for the purpose of providing them information that they may need regarding certification, training, mentors, etc. If you are not sure how to order uniform items or how to use the calendar to sign up for a meet, contact your RRC. Once a new official is certified that official will be contacted by their RRC.

CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Regional Resource Coordinator page.

USATF 2023-25 Pacific Officials’ Committee Officers

  Phil Leake, Chair   Teddy Hayes, Vice Chair   Tori Busto, Secretary
  Dr. Leon Glover, Awards   Mike Bower, Past Chairman   Charles Murphy, Calendar
  Bill Bartel, Training   Ajay Padgaonkar, Certification   Robert Benoy, At Large Rep.
  Ryan Cowley, At Large Rep.   VACANT, Newsletter   Dennis Boyle, Mentor Chair


    • CLICK HERE to view a list of Pacific Association Officials Committee Chairpersons 1978 – present.

USATF Pacific Officials’ Committee Representatives

  Rick Berman, LDR Coordinator   Robert Hooper, Race Walk Representative
  Don Harding, Youth Committee Representative   Don Collins, Youth Committee Representative

    • Tributes to Officials like Jim Hume’s Celebration of Life page may now be found in “Awards/Tributes” right side column Officials Info Links.