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USATF Pacific Awards

Updated 2/15/2022 with a link to Feb. 12, 2022 USATF Pacific Awards Ceremony page containing the 2021 Awards presented there.

Help us recognize those who contribute to our Association by nominating a deserving athlete, official, committee member, or administrator.

USATF Pacific Award Recipients


2nd Annual USATF Pacific Awards Ceremony (Zoom), February 12, 2022

On the Ceremony’s Webpage, you will find the Zoom recording of the entire ceremony and its extensive program. It includes different sports disciplines’ awards, two Tom Moore Awardees, the Hall of Fame Inductees, and the PA Service Award recipients.

Inaugural Annual USATF Pacific Awards Banquet, February 1, 2020

On the Banquet’s Webpage, you will find photos and the event’s program that contains all the 2019 awardees for the different sports disciplines as well as  the Tom Moore Award recipient, the Hall of Fame Inductees, and the PA Service Award recipients.

USATF Pacific Special Awards 2002 to 2018


2015 Pacific Association Tom Moore Awardees:
L to R: Awards Chair Leroy Milam; Awardees Deanne Vochatzer (who also accepted the posthumous award for Jon Vochatzer) and Jean Snuggs; PA President Dave Shrock (photo by Jim Hume)
PAUSATF 2016 Service Award Recipients

2016 Pacific Association Service Awardees:
L to R: Awards Chair Leroy Milam; Awardees Charlotte Sneed, Thomas Vincent, Jennifer Oliver, and Carl Bryant; PA President Dave Shrock; not present Phil Leake, Les Ong, Jeff Teeters (photo by Jim Hume)



Accomplishments of PA Hall of Fame Awardees: 2007 – 2015

  • 2007 – George Kleeman; Lori Maynard; Sonny Maynard; Horace Crow; Tom Moore; Dr. Harmon Brown
  • 2008 – Ed Miller (coach); Richard Connors
  • 2009 – Robert ‘Pod’ Podkaminer
  • 2011 – Don Bailes: Description of Accomplishments
  • 2014 – Don Bowden, Irene Obera, Ed Burke, Ruth Anderson: Description of Accomplishments
  • 2015 – Harry Marra, Rick Milam, Barbara Miller, John Powell, Suzy Powell-Roos, Mac (Maurice) Wilkins: Description of Accomplishments
  • 2016 – Roxanne Anderson (Atkins) (posthumously), Delos L. Dotta (posthumously), Daniel D. Dotta (posthumously), Helen Klein, Shirley Matson, George Newlon (posthumously), Linda Somers Smith, Thomas Trimble (posthumously), Sal Vasquez, Harry Young (posthumously); Photos and Accomplishments
  • 2017 – Stacy Dragila, Sister Marion Irvine, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, Joan (Coleman) Ottoway, Ian Reed, Charlie Sheppard, Bob Shor (posthumously); Photos and Accomplishments
  • 2018 – Stephanie Brown-Trafton, Shirley Connors, Kathy Hammond, Jim Hume Photos and accomplishments



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