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USATF Pacific Race Walking

Start of the PA-USATF 1-mile RW Championships, 2015-01-14, UC Berkeley
Start of the PA-USATF 1-mile RW Championships, 2015-01-14, UC Berkeley

The Pacific Association has an active Race Walk Committee representing Race Walk Clubs, and an annual series of events that make up the Pacific Association’s Race Walk Grand Prix. PLEASE CLICK ON the “Schedule/Results/GP Standings” link to the right or below or HERE for the latest information on the schedule of events (including REGISTRATION FORMS), results of recent races, and standings in the Grand Prix series. This link will highlight upcoming events for Youth, Open, and Masters athletes.

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Clinics for Judges and Officials and Technique Clinics for Race Walkers

Please check the Officials portion of this website to register.

Clinics for Race Walk Judges & Officials are offered for both new Judges & Officials and for existing Judges:

There will be virtual/ZOOM Introduction to Race Walk Judging and Officiating clinics from 11:15 am until 2:15 pm on Saturday, January 9, 2021 and on Sunday, February 21, 2021.

See this file to register.

Additional four-hour clinics may be scheduled when there is sufficient demand.

Please contact Jon at [email protected] or Beth at [email protected] to schedule a clinic for new Judges and Race Walk Officials. There will also be opportunities for mentoring and workshops for prospective and apprentice judges during race walks throughout the year.

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Pacific Association Race Walks in 2021

The 2021 USATF Pacific Association Race Walk Grand Prix Championships will all be virtual. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no sanctioned in-person events.

We will have seven virtual races, following the rules established in 2020 for the #AloneTogether COVID-19 VIRTUAL events (see below):

• 1,500-meters, anytime from Saturday, February 6, to Sunday, February 28
• 1-mile (1,609 meters), anytime from Saturday, March 6, to Sunday, March 28
• 3,000-meters, anytime from Saturday, April 3, to Sunday, April 25
• 5,000-meters, anytime from Saturday, May 1, to Sunday, May 23
• One-Hour, anytime from Saturday, June 1, to Sunday, July 18 (longer due to the Olympic Trials & JOs)
• 10 kilometers, anytime from Wednesday, September 1, to Thursday, September 30
• 20 kilometers, anytime from Wednesday, September 1, to Thursday, September 30

If you would like to help in our efforts to mentor new Race Walk Judges, please email us ([email protected]; [email protected]) the following information:
• Date and time at which you will begin a race
• Location (address and, if possible, a Google Map image of your starting location)
• Your name and email address.
We will then email that information to all the Pacific Association Race Walk Judges, encouraging them contact you if they can come to your starting location [and if they follow state and local health-department COVID-19 guidelines and USATF COVID-19 guidelines, USATF Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Information Page | USA Track & Field, for social distancing, wearing masks, etc.]. Several people have taken the recent Introduction to Race Walk Judging clinics and are now non-scoring Apprentice Judges, who need to be mentored by experienced Judges before advancing to become scoring Association Judges.

Rules, Entry Forms, and Race Reports for the VIRTUAL events are at the “Schedule/Results/GP Standings” link to the right or below CLICK HERE for all information related to the rules and entry for 2021 Race Walk Grand Prix events.

Robyn Stevens has supplied us with this Tentative Schedule of Race Walks for Open Athletes:
• Jan 31 – POSTPONED to Feb 28 W 35 km/ M 50 km
• Feb 13 – CANCELLED Millrose Games 1-Mile
• Feb 21 – CANCELLED Indoor Championships 3km in ABQ, NM
• Feb 28 – W 35 km/ M 50 km National Championship in Santee, CA with a 30 km, 20 km, and 10 km available
• Mar 27 – Pan American Cup Trials 20 km in Whiting, NJ
• Apr 23 – Drake Relays 5 km/10 km
• Apr 25 – Penn Relays 5 km/10 km (may be cancelled)
• May 8 – Pan American Cup 20 km and 35 km (NOTE: NO 50km for Men or Women) in Ecuador
• POSSIBLE DATE May 23 – 35 km Nationals for Men with 50 km, 35 km Open and 20 km opportunity
• Jun 26/27 – Olympic Trials 20 km in Springfield, OR
• Aug 6/7 – Tokyo Olympic 20 km Race Walk

Additional races of interest to our Youth and Masters Race Walkers include:
• USATF U20 Championship, Friday-Sunday, 2021 dated TBD, if held, location TBD
• World Masters Outdoor Championship, 2021 CANCELLED
• USATF National Masters Championship, date TBD, likely in August 2021, Sacramento, California
• USATF Junior Olympic Championship, July 26 to August 1, 2021 (with race walks likely on Monday and Tuesday, July 26 & 27), Jacksonville, Florida

For 2022,
• USATF Masters Indoor Championship, March 18-20, 2022, The Armory, New York City
• World Masters Indoor Championship, 2022, Tampere, Finland
• USATF Masters Outdoor Championship, July 14-17, 2022, Lexington, KY

For 2023,
• USATF Masters Indoor Championship, April 14-16, 2023, Spokane, WA
• World Masters Outdoor Championship, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

For 2024,
• World Masters Outdoor Championship, August (?) 2024, Gothenburg, Sweden


Have a great 2021!

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Races of the 2020 Race Walking Grand Prix season:

Saturday, 22 February 2020 – One-Mile Grand Prix

The results of the separate women’s and men’s Pacific Association Grand Prix One-Mile Race Walks which were part of the UC-Berkeley/Cal All Comers’ Track and Field Meet on Saturday, 22 February 2020, are posted.
Click Here for the One Mile Race Walk Results

Due to the global Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t conduct official races because we can’t be physically present with certified judges, officials, courses, or timing.

Therefore, we are modifying our traditional USA Track & Field Pacific Association Race Walk Grand Prix Series into something new… Welcome to the #AloneTogether version of the COVID-19 VIRTUAL Race Walk Grand Prix Series!

COVID-19 VIRTUAL 3,000-Meter Race Walk

The results of the COVID-19 VIRTUAL 3,000-Meter Race Walk conducted from May 16 to 23, 2020, are posted.
Click Here for the COVID-19 VIRTUAL 3,000-Meter Race Walk Results

COVID-19 VIRTUAL 5,000-Meter Race Walk

The results of the COVID-19 VIRTUAL 5,000-Meter Race Walk conducted from May 31 to June 7, 2020, are posted.
Click Here for the COVID-19 VIRTUAL 5,000-Meter Race Walk Results

COVID-19 VIRTUAL One Hour Race Walk

The results of the COVID-19 VIRTUAL One Hour Race Walk conducted from July 4 to 12, 2020, are posted.
Click Here for the COVID-19 VIRTUAL One Hour Race Walk Results

COVID-19 VIRTUAL 10-Kilometer and 20-Kilometer Race Walks

The results of the COVID-19 VIRTUAL 10-Kilometer and 20-Kilometer Race Walks conducted from September 19 to October 18, 2020, are posted.
Click Here for the COVID-19 VIRTUAL 10-Kilometer and 20-Kilometer Race Walk Results

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The final races of the 2019 Race Walking Grand Prix season were:

Sunday, 29 September 2019 – Western Region and Pacific Association Grand Prix 10-kilometer, & 20-kilometer Race Walks (with 3-kilometer Power Walk)

Click Here for the 10k & 20k RACE WALK Results

Check the Youth page on the Pacific Association website for details about upcoming Youth track and field meets that feature race walks. These include:

Saturday, 22 June 2019 – 1,500-meter and 3,000-meter Youth Race Walks,

Turlock High School, Turlock, California. The race walks (1,500 meters for age groups 9-10 & 11-12; 3,000 meters for age groups 13-14, 15-16, & 17-18) will likely be some of the first events of the day. The races are part of the Shor/Sheppard Classic Youth meet, which is a two-day meet, concluding Sunday, June 23. See this website for the meet flyer and other information about the meet.

Saturday, 6 July 2019 – 1,500-meter and 3,000-meter Youth Race Walks,

Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California. The race walks (1,500 meters for age groups 9-10 & 11-12; 3,000 meters for age groups 13-14, 15-16, & 17-18) will likely be some of the first events of the day. The races are part of the Pacific Association/Region 16 Junior Olympic Championship Meet, which is a three-day meet, starting Friday afternoon, July 5, and concluding Sunday, July 7. This is the qualifying meet for the National Junior Olympic Championships later in July. The top five athletes in each age and gender group advance to the National Championship. See this website for the meet flyer and other information about the meet.

Monday, 22 July, and Tuesday, 23 July 2019 – 1,500-meter and 3,000-meter Youth Race Walks as part of the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Championships,

Sacramento State University. The following race walks are scheduled (subject to change):
12:30 p.m. Monday, July 22, 3,000-meter 13-14 Girls, followed by 13-14 Boys
2:30 p.m. Monday, July 22, 1,500-meter 9-10 Girls, followed by 9-10 Boys
4:00 p.m. Monday, July 22, 1,500-meter 11-14 Girls, followed by 11-12 Boys
9:00 a.m. Tuesday, July 23, 3,000-meter 15-16 Girls, followed by 17-18 Women
11:00 a.m. Tuesday, July 23, 3,000-meter 15-16 Boys, followed by 17-18 Men.
See this website for a complete schedule and other information about this weeklong track and field meet, which runs from Monday, July 22, through Sunday, July 28..

See this file for the POWER WALKING RULES.

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Here is Bill Robinson’s video of the one-hour postal race in 2016 (a three-minute clip from both the ground and a drone).

Below you will find a listing of the PA Race Walk-specific news, and to the right is a list of upcoming events and below that are helpful links.


PA Race Walking Latest News

TF Women’s Decathlon Champs final results with AR!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Aug. 23, 2021    Contact: Fred Baer  [email protected]com  m/t: 650.483.3733

“Greatest Woman Athlete” Smashes American Record; Runner-up Has H.S. Best:


Jordan Gray obliterated her American Record in the women’s decathlon Sunday, running up history’s second highest total of 8,246 points in the Women’s Decathlon Association “National” Championships at College of San Mateo.
The Ball Ground, Ga. resident becomes only the third person to score over 8,000 points in the 10-event competition, which, effectively, determines the “world’s greatest” female athlete.
The world record is 8,358 points by Austra Skujyte of Lithuania in 2005. The only other athlete to ever top the 8K mark was Marie Collonville of France, who set the former world record of 8,150 points in 2004.
Gray added a phenomenal 325 points to the American and Western Hemisphere Records of 7,921 she set in the first Women’s Decathlon Championships in 2019, also at CSM. It is the third American track and field record set on CSM’s international Mondo track facility — as the college begins its 100th season of athletic competition. Kim Kreiner, previously, set an AR in the women’s javelin throw at CSM.

WIND AVERAGE = LEGAL SCORE UNDER CURRENT RULES: Gray’s average wind-reading for the three events affected by wind was 1.4 meters per second, well under the allowable average of 2.0 (according to newer rules). Her competition opening 100 meter time was 11.86 seconds, aided by a 4.6 meters per second wind – the fastest ever under any conditions in a decathlon. Gray’s second day 100 meter hurdles race (timed in 14.43) was intentionally run into a 2.5 mps headwind, still scoring 919 points, to lower the overall meet wind average. (Her personal best is 13.80.) Gray had a 20 foot, 1 inch long jump the first day with legal 2.0 wind assistance – as she tallied the highest ever first day tally by an American, 4,356 points.

Gray, a 2019 Kennesaw State University grad, continued to roll on day two with a discus throw of 130-8 for 652 points. She won the pole vault at 12-10 for 935 points and the javelin throw at 135-0 (689 points), equaling the second best mark by an American in a women’s decathlon. That had been achieved in 1997 by Stacy Dragila (the ex-pole vault world record holder who was a former community college heptathlon star). Gray finished with a 1,500 meter time of 5 minutes, 20.27 seconds, for 697 points to easily surpass the record. .

“The world record wasn’t something I was targeting,” said Gray. “I just wanted to come in and do my best without worrying about it – and get the American record.”
Gray, who was born in Lawenceville, Ga., plans to continue lobbying officials in USA Track & Field and World Athletics to allow women to contest the decathlon, along with the men, in major competitions.

Cash prizes were awarded to the top post-collegiate competitors by the Women’s Decathlon Association and by 3-time local Olympian Pat Daniels Connollly, an Olympic multievent pioneer in the pentathlon (in 1964). She is a former Capuchino High (San Bruno) and CSM student who now resides in Half Moon Bay.

HIGHEST EVER HS TOTAL: Corinn Brewer, an incoming senior at Greensburg (Pa.) Central Catholic, achieved the best ever high school decathlon score, 5,698 points, finishing second in the overall competition. She does not, however, officially break the high school and under age 20 record of 5,676 points — due to her excess wind average (over 2.0) for the competition. Brewer, also a cross country runner at her high school, won the concluding 1,500 meters in a swift 4:59.57 (829 points) – only the sixth ever (second American) to better 5 minutes in a women’s decathlon. That prevented race runner-up Gray from having the leading mark in all ten events.

INTERNATIONAL FIELD: Uxia Pereira of Spain finished fourth in the meet with 5,539 points.

–Only men currently contest the decathlon at the Olympic Games, although the women’s event is an official World Athletics and USATF competition. This competition provided an opportunity to determine the “greatest woman athlete” just two weeks after the Olympics.

National and local level officials from the Pacific Association of USA Track & Field officiated the competition, using laser measurements and national timing services of Sean Laughlin of RecordTiming.

For complete results, see:

Women’s Dec website:


WOMEN’S DECATHLON ASSOCIATION NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Presented by Parity, Aug. 21-22, at College of San Mateo. Final scores:

1.Jordon Gray, Ball Ground, Ga.,  8,246 points (betters own American record of 7.928, set at CSM, 2029).

  1. Corinn Brewer, Greensburg (Pa.) Central Catholic H.S., 5,698w (highest ever high school score)
  2. Hanna McPhee, San Francisco, 5,613.
  3. Uxia Pereira, Spain, 5,539
  4. Anna Lee McGregor, San Francisco, 4,598.
  5. Natalia Quesada Marshall, San Francisco,


All-Time World Women’s Decathlon Performances Over 8,000 Points:

8,358  WR         Austra Skujyte, Lithuania, 2005.

8,246  AR          Jordan Gray, USA, 2021.

8,150  WR         Marie Collonville, France, 2004.

Note: Gray also has the No. 4 all-time performance of 7,921 points, set in her 2019 American Record competition at CSM.

WR = World Record when achieved

AR = American and Area (Continental) Records


# # #

TF National Wm’s Decathlon Champs at San Mateo this weekend!

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NOTE: Although the women’s decathlon is an officially recognized World Athletics and USA Track & Field competition, women are not yet allowed to contend for the “world’s greatest woman athlete” title at the Olympic Games. They are currently restricted to the vintage 7-event heptathlon, which was contested in Tokyo two weeks ago.

College of San Mateo, which had student Pat Daniels (Connolly) pioneer women’s multi-event Olympic competition with the pentathlon at the 1964 Tokyo Games, is therefore hosting the only 2021 women’s decathlon championship meet this year. See link to New York Times Story at bottom –for background.

From/contact: Fred Baer   Women’s Decathlon LOC Chair       [email protected]               650.483.3733


College Of San Mateo Still the Center of Women’s Multi-Event Competition


The Women’s Decathlon National Championships are returning to College of San Mateo, this Saturday, August 21-22
Click here for a link to start lists, results, event info.

The 2021 Women’s Decathlon Association Championships, presented by Parity, is only the second standalone national meet for women to contest all 10 disciplines of the decathlon, such as the men concluded just two weeks earlier at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The event “routinely” determines a gender’s “greatest athlete.”

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top finishers this weekend. Jordan Gray set an American record of 7,921 points as CSM staged the first formal championship meet on June 22-23, 2019. She plans to defend her title and hopes to become the first American to better 8,000 points.

The Pandemic prevented most competition in 2020. Gray, however, did produce the season’s “world leading” performance of 7,627 points, finally getting into a special competition in Marble Falls, Texas, on Oct. 3-4. She broke her own “world decathlon long jump record, jumping 6.19 meters (20 feet, 3 3/4 inches).

Gray had set the former record of 6.18 while setting an American and North American area decathlon record in the 2019 competition at CSM. She ranks No. 3 all-time in the decathlon and hopes to challenge the world record of 8,358 points, set in 2005 by Austra Skujyte of Lithuania. Gray has already this year improved her individual long jump best significantly to 21 feet, 2 inches.

One international entrant confirmed, Uxia Pereira of Spain. Two early local (San Francisco) entrants are: AnnaLee MacGregor and Hanna McPhee.

Competition begins on Saturday, August 21, at 1 p.m., and at 11 a.m. on Sunday and should run approximately four hours each day.

CSM has long been a USA base for women’s combined events. In 1964 then CSM student Pat Daniels (Connolly) was the first to compete in an Olympic multi-event competition, the pentathlon – as women were finally allowed to contest five events (compared to the 10-event men’s decathlon). She finished seventh.

Women now compete in the 7-event heptathlon at World and Olympic meets. The women’s decathlon is, however, formally recognized by World Athletics, which maintains lists of annual and all-time performances.

The decathlon adds two key field events for women, the pole vault and the discus throw to the existing menu of long jump, shot put, and javelin throw. The running event program changes from contesting the 200 and 800 meters to running the 100, 400, and 1,500 meters. The hurdles remain for both genders.

Pat Daniels Connolly still lives on the San Francisco Peninsula, in Half Moon Bay. The 3-time Olympian remains an avid supporter of the women’s decathlon. She was one of the youngest women ever to represent the USA in the Olympic Games, competing in the 800 meters in 1960 after her junior year at San Bruno’s Capuchino High School.

This championship meet in Silicon Valley is an open meet for interested qualified athletes. It is certified by USATF for record purposes. USATF Pacific Association officials will conduct the competition.

The Women’s Decathlon Association is staging the meet, in conjunction with partner Parity, a leader in the movement for parity in women’s sports.

For further information, contact meet director Becca Peter, [email protected]. event website:

An Olympic Hurdle: Why Is the Decathlon Only for Men? – The New York Times (


PA Proposed assoc Bylaw revisions

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In accordance with USATF-Pacific and USATF bylaws, attached are proposed association bylaw revision which will be discussed during the 19 Sept. annual meeting.

Any approved revisions will be made with a second and final reading during the November meeting prior to a vote and possible approval.

Click here for Version 20 revision: PAUSATF ByLaw Revision 20 (2021- 8- 17)

Any questions, email Dave Shrock at [email protected]

RW USATF Pacific COVID-19 Virtual Race Walks Results

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Below is the list of winners of the highly prized, matching California and Nevada pins (handmade from various CA & NV rocks) for the top three women, top three men, and top three age-graded athletes in the USATF Pacific Association COVID-19 Virtual Race Walks.  There were five virtual races in 2020 and five in 2021.  For details on all the races, please see, where Nicolle Goldman has posted results, photos, and stories.  CLICK HERE for the results (also from Nicki) of the One-Hour virtual race.

To claim your prizes, come participate in the race walk(s) on Sunday, September 26, at William Pond Park in Carmichael (Sacramento area).  Details on the races (Pacific Association Grand Prix and USATF Western Region 10K, 20K, and perhaps shorter races on the 1-kilometer-loop road course) will be forthcoming and will be posted on the same website.  If you can’t race that day, come as a volunteer.  If you can’t make it that day, you can get your prize from me whenever you let me know you’ll be at a race where Beth and I will be judging.

Congratulations to our Olympians, Robyn & Nick!  Had they not been in Japan, they probably would have won more pins.

Name                                    Number of pairs of pins won

Karen Stoyanowski              15

Robyn Stevens                     14 (highest age grade, 90.45%)

Nick Christie                        13

Adrian Zamudio                    7

Aleshka McPretl                             5

Joanne Figone                        5

David Swarts                         5

Alan Pochi                             4

Susan Mears                           3

Mark Green                            3

Tom Dooley                           3

Talia Green                            3

Joseph Darcy                         2

Adeline Johnson                    2

Nicolle Goldman                   1

Alex Price                              1

Maryanne Daniel                   1

Keith Bunker                         1


Congratulations also to Robyn for taking on the responsibility of Chair of the Pacific Association Race Walk Committee, effective January 1.



Soon-to-be Past Chair


TF PA & PA-Connected Olympians Results

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USATF Pacific Members and PA-Connected Tokyo Olympians Results

Names in Bold, Olympic Results in Bold Italic

USATF Pacific Members

  • 20 km Race Walk Women Robyn Stevens (1. OT 1:35:13) Vacaville, CA; 1st Olympic Team: 33rd in 1:37.42
  • 20 km Race Walk Men Nick Christie (1. OT 1:30:48) Vacaville, CA; 3rd Olympic Team: 50th in 1:34.42
  • Men’s Hammer: Alex Young (3. OT 78.32m/256-11); 11th in Qualifying Round with 75.09m, did not advance

PA-Connected Athletes

  • Women’s Discus Throw: (Stanford ’17) Valarie Allman (1. OT 69.9m/229-5 for the #3 all-time performance by an American) Gold 68.98m/226-4
  • Women’s 5,000 Meters(Stanford ’18) Elise Cranny (1. OT 15:27.81) 13th in 14:55.98
  • Men’s 5,000 Meters: (Stanford ’19) Grant Fisher (2. OT 13:02.53) 9th in 13:08.40
  • Men’s 10,000 Meters: (Stanford ’19) Grant Fisher (2. OT 27:54.29) 5th in 27:46.39
  • Women’s High Jump: (UC Berkeley 09 )  Inika McPherson (2. OT 1.93m/6-4 did not achieve the Olympic standard of 1.95m/6-5 and her #27 World Athletics ranking was lower than #21 Tynita Butts) Did not compete
  • Men’s Marathon: (Stanford ’11) 2. Jacob Riley (OT 2. 2:10:02) 29th 2:16:26
  • Women’s Hammer: (UC Berkeley ’22; for Canadian Olympic Team) Camryn Rogers (75.52m/247-9) 5th 74.35m/243-11
  • Women’s Marathon (Stanford ’02; for Canadian Olympic Team): Malindi Elmore (2:24:50) 9th 2:30:59
  • Women’s Javelin: (Stanford ’19; for Australian Olympic Team): Mackenzie Little (60.90m/199-9.6) 8th 59.96/196-8.63
  • Men’s 400m(Stanford ’16; for Australian Olympic Team) Steven Solomon (46.82) Qualifying Round #4 2nd in 44.94; Semi Final Round #2 2nd in  45.15 but did not advance.
  • Women’s Pole Vault: (Stanford ’12; for Greek Olympic Team) Katerina Stefanidi (4.8m/15-9) 4th 4.90m/16-10
ELITE PA & PA-Connected 2021 Olympians!

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USATF Pacific Members and PA-Connected Olympians

Compiled by Fred Baer and Cynci Calvin, and updated 7/15/2021.


Deirdre Fitzpatrick Interview with Robyn and Nick



KCRA’s Deirdre Fitzpatrick Interview with Robyn and Nick



  • 20 km Race Walk Women 1. Robyn Stevens (1:35:13) Vacaville, CA; 1st Olympic Team
  • 20 km Race Walk Men 1. Nick Christie (1:30:48) Vacaville, CA; 3rd Olympic Team
  • Men’s Hammer: 3. Alex Young (Bay Area resident coached by Stanford Throws Coach Amin Nikfar… see “Who Knew” section below); 78.32m/256-11
  • Women’s Discus Throw: (Stanford ’17) 1. Valarie Allman 229-5. This is the #3 all-time performance by an American. Allman holds the American record at 230-2, and she had the No. 2 all-time performance, 229-8, in the opening day qualifying round at the Trials.
  • Women’s 5,000 Meters: (Stanford ’18) 1. Elise Cranny 15:27.81.
  • Men’s 5,000 Meters & 10,000 Meters: (Stanford ’19) 2. for each event Grant Fisher ; 13:02.53 for 5K; 27:54.29 for 10K.
  • Men’s 5,000 Meters: 4. alternate (Alameda, California – Oakland Magazine Feature) Cooper Teare 13:28.08 and ran the fastest final 400m
  • Women’s High Jump: (UC Berkeley 09 ) 2. Inika McPherson 6-4. (McPherson did not clear the Olympic standard of 6-5 but expects to be added when World Athletics releases its final Olympic rankings.)
  • Men’s Decathlon: (Stanford ’18) 4. alternate  Harrison Williams 8,306 points.
  • Men’s Marathon: (Stanford ’11) 2. Jacob Riley 2:10:02
  • Women’s Hammer: (UC Berkeley ’22; for Canadian Olympic Team) Camryn Rogers (75.52 meters, 247-9)
  • Women’s Marathon (Stanford ’02; for Canadian Olympic Team): Malindi Elmore (2:24:50)
  • Women’s Javelin: (Stanford ’19; for Australian Olympic Team): Mackenzie Little (60.90 meters, 199′-9.6″)
  • Men’s 400m: (Stanford ’16; for Australian Olympic Team) Steven Solomon (46.82)
  • Women’s Pole Vault: (Stanford ’12; for Greek Olympic Team) Katerina Stefanidi (4.8 meters, 15′-9″)

More! San Mateo resident and UC Berkeley Director of Track & Field/Cross Country Robyne Johnson is the Team USA Assistant Coach for the women’s jumps and multi-events, the same position she held for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cal Bears Announcement

CLICK HERE for a complete list of the coaching staff for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Who Knew?

Here’s a shout out to two athletes (Alex Young – Hammer and Tiana Bartoletta – sprints, long jump) who are listed as USATF Pacific members in the Trials’ news reports, but they are relatively recent arrivals to this association. Learn more below…

Alex Young – Hammer

Alex Young at 2021 Olympic Trials

Photo by August Frank, Oregon News Lab

While reading the Day three report (see below) of the 2021 Olympic Trials, Alex Young’s name popped up in the Hammer Throw recap, with his USATF association listed as USATF Pacific. Alex, as the report shows below is now an Olympian, after placing third in a stellar field. Here is additional information about Alex and his USATF Pacific affiliation.

Alex’s coach, Amin Nikfar, who is a dual US/Iranian citizen, was born in San Jose before moving to Santa Clara, where he was a two-time state shot put qualifier at Wilcox High School. His coach at Wilcox was two-time Discus Olympian Mike Buncic. Two-time Olympian and IAAF competito, Nikfar is a Cal Berkeley grad, where he competed in and coached throws, then coached at N. Arizona University (2006-2009), then back to CA to coach at St. Francis HS in Mountain View (2014). After one season at University of New Orleans, he moved on to three stellar seasons coaching at Southeastern Louisiana University (2016-2018). Nikfar returned to California to coach one season at Stanford (2019), and in 2020 moved back to North Carolina for a coaching position at the University of North Carolina.

Alex Young hails from LaVergne, TN and competed collegiately for Southeastern Louisiana University. Here Nikfar coached him to the U.S. hammer and weight throw titles and an NCAA weight throw championship in 2017. Young was an IAAF World Championships qualifier and NCAA hammer runner-up. Young has followed Nikfar for his post-collegiate throwing career, moving with him to Stanford and North Carolina. It was during his stay at Stanford that Young established his USATF Pacific affiliation.

Alex Young Interview post-Trials Hammer Competition

USATF Oympic Trials Day Three Hammer Event Report

“Kicking off day 3, the greatest competition in U.S. hammer throwing history saw Rudy Winkler (Ithaca, New York / USATF New York) finally take the American record away from Lance Deal after 25 years, as the defending Trials champion landed the 16-pound orb out at 82.71m/271-4 on his second attempt to add seven inches to Deal’s record. Winkler opened the competition by breaking the Trials record set in 1992 by Jud Logan with an 80.75m/264-11 and then followed up with his monster throw. In round four he hit 82.10m/269-4 and he ended up with five of his six throws beyond 80m/262-5. His record throw moved him to No. 20 on the all-time world performer list.

Winkler wasn’t the only one hitting peak form at just the right time, either, as Daniel Haugh (Marietta, Georgia / USATF Georgia) and Alex Young (LaVergne, Tennessee / USATF Pacific) both notched lifetime bests in the final round to claim their first Olympic berths. Haugh improved to 79.39m/260-5, and Young’s final toss landed at 78.32m/256-11. The trio will give Team USATF its greatest ever squad in the men’s hammer, led by gold medal contender Winkler. Hal Connolly in 1956 was the last American to win Olympic gold in the event, and Deal, who was the 1996 silver medalist in Atlanta, is the last U.S. medalist.”

Tianna Bartoletta, 100m, Long Jump

Tiana Bartoletta

Cal Berkeley photo

From her youth until the present Tiana has excelled in the long jump and 100m sprint. The Elyira, Ohio native attended University of Tennessee. Her post collegiate career is highlighted by 3 Olympic Gold Medals – one for the 2012 4×4 100m relay which also produced a World Record time, and two in 2016, one for the long jump and one for a repeat win in the 4×4 100m relay. In late 2019, Tianna began coaching jumps and sprints at UC Berkeley, hence her USATF Pacific affiliation.

Tiana qualified for the 100m semis at this year’s Olympic Trials, but her quest to compete on the 100m Team USA ended in the next round. In the Long Jump, Tiana made it to the finals but finished 10th, so she will not be defending her 2016 Long Jump title at her 3rd Olympics.