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Background Check Procedure

Background Check Procedure for Coaches, Officials, Volunteers Involved in Youth Activities

Information updated 7/20/2016 with national USATF screening changes from TC LogiQ to NCSI.

Process Overview
In order to help protect PA youth from criminals with histories of crimes against children, in 2006 the Pacific Association researched ways to perform the most thorough background checks available. The procedure adopted by the PA in early 2007 is the California Department of Justice Livescan finger printing process, the same process required by California schools and other public agencies that work with children. Learn more. The Pacific Association reimburses each PA/USATF member applicant for the Livescan process, and as long as the applicant maintains his/her PA membership, this is a one-time procedure. See below.

The national USATF office has replaced the TC LogiQ background check system with NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiatives) and requires all USATF association coaches, volunteers and officials working with youth to have this background check done. CLICK HERE for more information about this background check process. Now both NCSI and the Livescan procedures are required for Pacific Association coaches, officials and volunteers involved in youth activities.

PA/USATF Membership Requirement Details

  • California State Law requires that applicants be a current PA/USATF member to apply for a Livescan background check.
  • You must renew your PA/USATF membership each year by March 31.
  • Due to this law, if you do not renew your PA/USATF membership by March 31, you must:
    • Renew your PA/USATF membership.
    • Get another Livescan background check at your own expense.
  • New National requirement, SafeSport Training.

PA/USATF Background Check Process

National USATF Background Checks are Now Required!

  • The USATF National Office now requires youth-involved coaches, volunteers and officials
    to have background checks done by NCSI.
  • Click here for National USATF Background Check Procedure Information.
  • Click here to visit the NCSI background check page for more information about the NCSI Background Screening process.

Current Lists of Cleared Background Check PA/USATF Coaches, Volunteers, Officials