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About Pacific Association Officials

The Officials Committee of Pacific Association USATF recruits, trains, and certifies people to officiate track and field and associated sports (Cross Country, Road Racing, Race Walk) at all levels:

High School
Community College

  • Our members work at meets throughout the Pacific Association region, and throughout North America.
  • A number of PA officials are chosen each year to work meets of national importance—especially USATF and NCAA championships; and occasionally meets outside the US.
  • We seek individuals who care about these sports and are dedicated to ensuring that track meets are run safely and fairly.
  • We run clinics each year to improve our skills and educate our members.
  • We make our roster available to meet directors within Pacific Association.
  • We advise our members of meets they may wish to work, within PA, in nearby associations, and throughout the nation.
  • Our members receive our newsletter, Turns and Distances, several times a year.

Coaches and Meet Directors:

  • To discuss inviting USATF-certified officials to your meet, email Phil Leake at [email protected]
  • To discuss holding officials-training clinics at your school or facility, email Bill Bartel at [email protected]

Potential Officials to discuss getting certified, contact Ajay Padgaonkar at [email protected].

Pacific Association Officials Committee is a subcommittee of Pacific Association USATF and a regional organization of the National Officials Committee USATF.