USATF Pacific

Lori Maynard

2007 Hall Of Fame Inductee Lori Maynard 



Redwood City, CA

Level of Certification: Master and Referee

Years Officiating 27+ Years in Pacific Association

First Certified 1986

First Officiated 1980


  • Meets Worked: Olympic Games
    • 1984 LA RW Volunteer
    • 96 Atlanta Throws Head, Throws Referee
    • 2000 Sydney, RW Judge
  • Olympic Trials
    • 1988 Throws
    • 1992 Throws
    • 96 Throws Head, Throws Referee
    • 2000 Throws
    • 1996 Atlanta Throws Head, Throws Referee
  • USATF Open National Championships
    • 87 Throws
    • 1995, 2002, 2003 Throws
  • USATF Youth National Championships
    • 1995 Field Event Official at San Jose JOs
    • 2001 Sacramento JOs
  • USATF Masters National Championships: 1997 Throws at San Jose
  • NCAA National Championships Div. I 2003, 2005 Sacramento
  • 2005 Sacramento Throws
  • 1995 Area Race Walk Judge
  • 10+ NACAC_RW Judge, PAC 10 Cal and Stanford Throws


  • Woman’s Track and Field Representative for Pacific Association
  • Women’s Track and Field Representative on the Officials Selection Committee from 2001 to 2005
  • Pacific Race Walk Chair from early 80 to 1988
  • Pacific Certification Committee 1995-2007
  • 2005 National Race Walk Championships Coordinator and Site Selection Committee


  • Proof Reader of Pacific Association’s Officials Newsletter, Turns and Distances for about 15 years.
  • One of the original Editors for the Race Walk Handbook

AWARDS RECEIVED (Association, National, Other)

  • National Masters T&F Committee award for Outstanding RW Athlete in 1979 & 1981
  • National Race Walk Committee’s Contributor Award in 1994
  • Pacific Association’s Dick Barbour Award for 2003
  • Specials Recognition Award in 1994
  • USATF President’s Award in 1995
  • National Officials Chair Award in 2001
  • National Officials Outstanding Race Walk Official Award named for Lori Maynard, 2010
  • Pacific Association Special Recognition Award named for Lori Maynard in 2010


Member of PA Certification Committee for the last 10 plus years for the peninsula area. I first met Lori as a Race Walker in the late 70’s in Texas at a national championship. She was very good. She received the National Master’s T&F Committee RW award for in 1979 and 1981 as an athlete. George met her again when I moved to California in 1984 where she was an official at Stanford and sometimes at Cal in the mid 1980’s. She has been active as a RW official and with the Race Walk Committee both locally and nationally for many years and was a Level II and III International Area Race Walk Judge working a number of meets throughout the North America, Central America and Caribbean region for NACAC during the 90’s and until 2006. She worked numerous local Race Walk meets yearly and helped make the Pacific Association program one of the strongest in the nation. She was one of the Race Walk Judges at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She has conducted clinics on race walk judging for over 20 years. She has been involved with combined events competitions in the Pacific Association for many years at UC Berkeley and Davis. She worked at many San Jose City College meets and the old Bruce Jenner meets. Lori became a nationally certified official about 1986. She has been an active member of the Board of Athletics since the mid 1980’s. Lori worked as a Travel agent until a few years ago. She and her husband, Sonny, have a son, Don. She was the Women’s T&F representative to the Official’s Selection committee from 2001 to 2005. She acted as proof reader for about 15 years for the Pacific Association’s newsletter Turns and Distances.