Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

Officials Directory

Officials Directory

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ABOUT USAbout Pacific Association Officials

Officials Operating Policies

Awards / Tributes
  • A discussion of the mission of the Officials of the Pacific Association of USATF

  • The Officials Operating Policies govern the actions of the PA Officials Committee

  • The Awards handed out by the Officials Committee are defined.

  • Tributes remember key officials of the association who are deceased.
  • CERTIFICATIONUSATF Certification Regulation

    How to Become an Official

    Mentor Program

    Regional Resource Coordinators (RRC)

  • Step by Step Process
  • Background Check Procedure
  • Certificiation Process Details
  • COMMUNICATIONSMeeting Minutes

  • The PA Officials Calendar primarily lists USATF and NCAA meets held within the Pacific Association. Some important High School meets are also listed.
  • RESOURCESOfficials FAQs

    Uniform Items
    RULES & FORMSForms
    • Officials Event Applications
    • Expense Forms
    • PA Officials Evaluation Form
    • Mentor Form
    • Meet Resume Form
    • Race Walking Forms
    • Umpire Forms
    • Record Forms
    TRAININGTraining Page
    Officiating Discipline Resources

    Schedule of Training Clinics

    Training Manuals
    How to Become an Official
    Officiating Discipline ResourcesUSATF Certification Regulation
    • Section 12 is a detailed explanation of Level Disciplines.
    • Section 13 is a detailed explanation of Graded Disciplines.

    Documents tailored to each Officiating Discipline
    USATF OFFICIALS WebsiteUSATF OfficialsHyperlink to the OFFICIALS page on the USATF website
    USATF OFFICIALS WebpageUSATF OfficialsHyperlink to the OFFICIALS page on the USATF website