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Updated July 8, 2014

PA Assoc Officer nominations now open

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2021-2022 USATF Pacific Officer Elections

Now Open Until 16 March


This is an election year for all elected officer positions on the Board of Directors. Below you will find relevant info on the upcoming elections. Please consider being a part of the governing body to get us back to running, jumping an throwing again!

Positions open for nomination: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary

Eligibility and Nominations: Click Here refer to Article 5(c)

·        Nominations made electronically must be send to the Association Director at [email protected] (pleasecc [email protected]) with the candidate name, officer position, and names of the nominator and a seconder from the Board of Athletics.

Timeline for Officer Elections:

·        January 19 – Nominations open during the January Board of Athletics meeting. Nominations can be

·        March 16 – Nominations close during the March Board of athletics meeting. (Nominations can be made during meeting)

·        March 18 – One-page candidate statements will be accepted until 11:59PM. Email to [email protected].

·        March 19 -VOTING OPEN: If there are contested positions, ballots will be emailed to voting members.

·        April 18 – VOTING CLOSED: ballots will be accepted until 11:59PM on April 18

·        June 1 – Two year term begins

Duties of Officers: Click Here Refer to Article 6

·        President:

·        Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Board of Athletics,

·        Be a non-voting ex officio member of all committees,

·        Oversee, at the direction of the Board of Athletics, the affairs of this Association and appoint interim chairpersons for committees that do not have procedures for replacing open chair positions or for non-functioning committees.

·        First Vice-President:

·        Be a non-voting ex officio member of all committees,

·        Also perform the duties of the President in the case of disability of the President until a successor is named,

·        Assume such roles as assigned by the President.

·        Second Vice-President:

·        Be a non-voting ex officio member of all committees,

·        Also perform the duties of the President in the case of disability of the President and First Vice-President until a successor is named,

·        Mentor committee chairs,

·        Insure consistency of operating procedures for the Association and its committees,

·        Oversee the operation of the Association website.

·        Assume such roles as assigned by the President.

·        Treasurer:

·        Keep or cause to be kept a correct and complete record of accounts, showing accurately at all times the financial status of this Association.

·        Be responsible for the accounting and security of all funds, notes, securities, and other assets of this Association.

·        Deposit or cause to be deposited all funds of this Association, with such depositories as the Board of Athletics shall designate.

·        Furnish at meetings of the Board of Athletics, or whenever requested, a statement of the financial condition of this Association.

·        Report at least quarterly to the Board of Athletics the current status of the account of each sport committee.

·        Prepare, or cause to be prepared, an annual budget to include the anticipated income and expenses of this Association, and submit such budget to the Board of Athletics at or prior to the first meeting in the fall (usually the September meeting).

·        Be responsible for having the approved budget posted on the Association website.

·        Perform, or cause to be performed, an audit of the financial records of this Association when directed by the Board of Athletics.

·        Review and confirm the accuracy of financial reports generated by the office under the direction of the Executive Director.

·        File, or cause to be filed, annual tax returns.

·        Be responsible for the appointment of and be a member of the Financial and Audit Committee.

·        Secretary:

·        Keep or cause to be kept all records of this Association, and all minutes of meetings of this Association, Board of Directors, and Board of Athletics;

·        Have the unapproved minutes of all meetings, except any closed portion, posted on the Pacific Association website within thirty days of such meetings. The approved minutes will be reposted within thirty days of their approval if there are any changes at the next meeting of the Board of Athletics.

·        In conjunction with the office, keep the current list of the members of the Board of Athletics and the Board of Directors, who they represent, and when their terms of office expire and have them posted on the Association website.

·        Oversee the committee elections as defined in Article 5(l).

Stephanie Trafton
[email protected]

PA USATF Associations’ Virtual Workshop Feb. 28

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Dear Association Leader,

To better inform all of us of important matters concerning the administration of our Associations, The Associations Committee is hosting a Virtual Workshop Sunday, 28 February beginning at 9:00amPST/12:00pmEST to 3:00pmPST/ 6:00pmEST.  

There will be five 50 minute presentations with the last session breakout rooms specific to your role with-in your association.  With feedback from many of you, the presentations topics and breakout rooms scheduled are, (topic order may change prior to 28 Feb):

8:45amPST/11:45amEST: Meeting opens for general questions introductions

#1) 9:00amPST/12:00pmEST: What returning to practice and competition will look like thawing from COVID

#2) 10:00amPST/1:00pmEST: Accreditation update and modifications for COVID-19

#3) 11:00amPST/2:00pmEST: Evolving roles of Assoc Membership Chairs

#4) 12:00pmPST/3:00pmEST: Administering effective Association virtual meetings with electronic voting

#5) 1:00pmPST/4:00pmEST: USATF-connect Q&A with USATF staff

#6) 2:00pmPST/5:00pmEST: Breakout rooms (attendees may choose their own room, and switch between)

  • Presidents, Vice Presidents, Office Managers
  • Treasurers
  • Secretaries/Membership chairs
  • Website Master/Communications Chairs
  • Association Volunteer SafeSport Coordinators
  • Sanctions Coordinators

You may attend any sessions that interest you and log-out/log-back into the workshop at any time.  You may also pass this invitation along to anyone with-in your association who may be interested in one or more of the topics.

To register, please go to by Saturday, 27 February at 5:00pmEST. During the registration process you may also submit questions for one or several of the presentations.  Question submission closes Wednesday, 24 February at 11:59pmEST while workshop registration closes Saturday, 27 February at 5:00pmEST.  All registrants will be sent zoom meeting log-in details the evening of Saturday, 27 February.

We look forward to hosting you for our Virtual Association Workshop!

Dave Shrock, and behalf of the Associations Executive Committee

[email protected] 

PA Abuse Prevention Systems Webinar

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USATF Abuse Prevention Systems Webinar with Gregory Love

In a continuing effort to create a safe and healthy environment for our participants, USATF invites you to a unique opportunity to hear from one of the nation’s leaders in abuse prevention training and risk management. Gregory Love is hosting a live seminar for ALL USATF member that will educate USATF members on effective, efficient, and inexpensive tools you can use to reduce the risk of sexual abuse in your programs on Tuesday, January 12 at 8:30pm ET. You don’t want to miss it. REGISTER HERE!

(Note: once you click this link, you will be directed to a Philadelphia Insurance event page, Next to “Event Status: not started” you will see a link to register. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to register.)