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Race Walking Officials

Race Walk Officials

updated: 12/22/2015

Information & Tools:

Suggestions for Race Directors

Chief Judge Duties

Pace and Times for Races

See also Race Walking section of Officials Training, Tools & Rules page

Age Grade Calculator Tools:

Official Age Grade Calculator (Excel spreadsheet – version 9 – updated August 2015)
(official in the sense that it is the approved tool for scoring the USATF Pacific RW Grand Prix events)
(latest update adds altitude compensation to facilitate the new grand prix scoring method for the 2015 season)
(uses the latest WMA-approved tables, last updated in 2006 for race walking events, and accuracy confirmed)

PTC Relay Edition (Excel spreadsheet – custom adaptation of the above – updated September 2014)
(designed specifically for the Portland to Coast relay, but could be easily adapted for age grading any relay race)

Simplified Calculator for Individual Performances (Google Doc implementation – updated July 2012)

Simplified Calculator for Scoring Races (Google Doc implementation – updated July 2012)
(Simplified version developed for use with smart phones in mind. Does not yet include altitude option like others)

Age Grades of World Records (Excel spreadsheet, updated April 2015)

Howard Grubb’s Online Calculator (2015 version, for all road and track and field events, RW data unchanged since 2006)

Race Walk Officials’ Exercises:

Exercise for RECORDER Track



Please note: this “LAP SCORING SHEETS and EXERCISES” file is the preferred form for lap scoring racewalking races, rather than the older distance-specific formats (included below for reference).

Old Versions Of Tools, for reference:

Racewalking Lap Counting/Score Sheet – One Hour
Racewalking Lap Counting/Score Sheet – 1500m
Racewalking Lap Counting/Score Sheet – 3000m
Racewalking Lap Counting/Score Sheet – 5000m
Racewalking Lap Counting/Score Sheet – 10000m
Racewalking Lap Counting/Score Sheet – 20000m