Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

Qualifying for the National JO TF Championships

National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships

Eligibility Requirement Details

  • Athletes must be a member of USATF. CLICK HERE to sign up or renew.
  • Athletes must have their ages verified according to this USATF procedure.
  • Athletes must be at least 7 years of age or older by December 31 of the current year to compete at the Youth Athletics or Junior Olympic National Championships.
  • Athletes who are still eighteen (18) years of age through the final day of the National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships shall be eligible to compete in the 17-18 year old division during that meet.
  • Athletes must compete in their own 2-year age group. These age groups are based on the age the athlete will turn in the year 2022 as described in the chart below.
  • Age Division / Year of Birth (for 2022)

    • 7 – 8 / 2014-2015

    • 9 – 10 / 2012-2013

    • 11 – 12 / 2010-2011

    • 13 – 14 / 2008-2009

    • 15 – 16 / 2006-2007

    • 17 – 18 / 2004-2005

  • USATF Age Verification Policy/Procedure

Qualifying Details

  • If the Pacific Association is hosting the National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships, the Regional JO TF Individuals Championships and the Regional JO Combined Events Championships are the only meets needed for PA youth to advance to the National JO. CLICK HERE for the current USATF Pacific Youth Track & Field Schedule. It includes the Junior Olympic Qualifying Meets’ dates and venues.
  • If the Pacific Association is NOT hosting the National Junior Olympic Championships, PA youths must advance to the regional meet by qualifying at the USATF Pacific Championships with placement in the top 8.
  • Youth must achieve a top 8 (updated 19 June, 2022) mark in their TF Individual event(s) at the Regional Junior Olympic Track & Field Meet or a top 2 mark at the Regional Top 2 Combined Junior Olympic Track & Field Meet in order to advance to the National JOs as long as the marks meet the Combined Events Standards.

2022 National USATF Junior Olympic Track & Field Registration is Open.