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USATF defines the Masters age divisions for track and field and race walking athletes as those 30 years and older, and for long distance running athletes it is 40 years and older. Here you will find resources for those interested in pursuing primarily their track & field event goals. Masters long distance running and race walking sports are covered in the road, cross country, ultra running, and race walking pages.

USATF Pacific MTF Notices Board

Masters Track & Field meets are making comeback this spring. We ARE expecting to hold TBD 2021 PA MTF Championships.  As you may know, venues haven’t yet been possible due to legal & medical situations, which has also resulted in the 2021 USATF MTF National Championships being taken from our PA to Ames, Iowa (we hope to get a make-up PA nat’l championship in a TBD upcoming year), since no venue was able to commit to hosting it any time through August.  San Mateo College likewise hasn’t been available for any commitments at any time yet (my counterpart, Men’s Open T&F Chair has an office at SMC and stays updated), though we are potentially open to any venue in PA (please let me know of any interested venue).  

The entire PA Board of Athletics shall look into how Cheetahs / Maneuver Athletics / Seaside High School has arranged their May 1, 2 meet (Meet Flyer). (“This meet and its guidelines are the products of months of planning and negotiation with the Monterey County Health Department.”) to offer more PA meets for MTF, Open, Youth, XC, etc.


If you’ve enjoyed a lifetime of Track & Field, consider:

  • A Tax Deductible Gift to the PA Foundation to benefit PA Coaches & Open athletes!
  • A gift to Drake University so the Drake Relays will name an event after Rex Harvey MTF Pres who recently passed away, if $35,000 is raised, as the national office requested that we request. 4 Steps:
    1. Navigate to
    2. Type in amount of the gift.
    3. For the “give to” section drop down select “other” and enter Rex Harvey Endowment Fund.
    4. Below this is a function where you can select “one-time” gift or “installments.

Archived 2019 USATF Pacific Masters Track & Field Championships & Masters Grand Prix Info, Results & Awards

PA Masters Track & Field Committee Contacts:

  • Chairman: Joseph Ols
  • Athlete Rep: Joseph Ols
  • Joy Upshaw – Director of Sprints, Jumps, Master Women’s T&F
  • Brooks Esser – Director of Distance Events
  • Director of Throws: Gary Schmidt & Paul Troppy
  • Director of Clubs: Clyde Lehman
  • Communications Committee Rep: Vacant (contact Joseph Ols if interested)

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