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USATF defines the Masters age divisions for track and field and race walking athletes for national meets as those 25 years and older, and for long distance running athletes it is 40 years and older. Association competitions allow athletes age 19 & older to compete in Masters meets and Grand Prix series. Age divisions are in 5-year increments. Here you will find resources for those interested in pursuing primarily their track & field event goals.

Masters long distance running and race walking sports are covered in the road, cross country, ultra running, and race walking pages.


2024 USATF Pacific Masters Track & Field GRAND PRIX

Here is your chance to compete against your gender & 5-year age division peers in a series of local track & field meets. This Grand Prix allows all adult athletes, ages 19 to 99, to participate! It’s a great way to train for the 2024 National USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships coming to Sacramento July 18-21.

Masters Track & Field Grand Prix Webpage (updated 4/17 with correct June 16 date for the Milam Memorial Invite) and sign up instructions! Sign up deadline (it’s free!) is 11:59pm May 18, 2024.

2024 New All Comers Meet! The PR Invite

  • FREE ENTRIES for all valid USATF Pacific Members. Not a member? CLICK HERE to renew or sign up before you register!
  • Sunday, May 19 at Cordova High School, 2239 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670; CLICK HERE to visit the Meet’s webpage. Registration is open.

USATF Pacific BIG Masters Meets

  • Coming SOON! Info & registration for the 2024 USATF Pacific Masters T&F Championships (July 6 at Cordova HS, Rancho Cordova). Save the date!
  • CLICK HERE for the 2024 National USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships info, coming to American River College, Sacramento on July 18-21! Upcoming National Masters T&F Schedule

PA Masters Track & Field Committee Contacts:

  • Chair: Charlotte Sneed,
  • Contact Charlotte if you are interested in signing up for any of the MTF Committee positions below.
    • Athlete Rep
    • Director of Clubs
    • Director of Throws
    • Communications Committee Rep.

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Track & Field friends, consider:

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  • A gift to Drake University so the Drake Relays will name an event after Rex Harvey MTF Pres who recently passed away, if $35,000 is raised. 4 Steps:
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