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USATF Pacific Masters Track & Field

PA’s Joy Upshaw (leading in the action inset and far right in the main photo) set a 100m W55 American Record (pending). She sprinted to a 13.27 win at the Sri Chimnoy Self-Transcendence Masters Meet near Los Angeles, and earned USATF Athlete of the Week. Learn more… 

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USATF defines the Masters age divisions for track and field and race walking athletes as those 30 years and older, and for long distance running athletes it is 40 years and older. Here you will find resources for those interested in pursuing primarily their track & field event goals. Masters long distance running and race walking sports are covered under the road, cross country, ultra running, and race walking pages.

2018 USATF Pacific Masters Track & Field Championships

  • Date: Sunday, 10 June, 2018
  • Location: College of San Mateo
  • Meet Details including Schedule and Hotel Info TBA
  • This year’s event will be combined with the USATF Pacific Open Track & Field Championships
  • Meet Entry TBA
  • Status of Entries TBA
  • Results TBA

2018 Masters Track & Field Grand Prix

Details TBA. They will be similar to the 2017 Masters Track & Field Grand Prix. CLICK HERE to review that info.

PA Masters Track & Field Committee Contacts:

  • Chairman: Joseph Ols
  • Athlete Rep: Joseph Ols
  • Communications Committee Rep: Vacant (contact Joseph Ols if interested)
  • Director of Clubs: Clyde Lehman
  • Director of Throws: Gary Schmidt & Paul Troppy

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