USATF Pacific

PA PA Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (Revised 6.14.19) – Check it out!

CLICK HERE to view USATF Pacific’s Strategic Plan (Revised June 14, 2019).

This document is updated with information from the March 19, 2019 Board of Athletics meeting, where the ongoing Strategic Plan was discussed and conclusions were achieved, under the guidance of the Strategic Plan Coordinator, Mark Winitz. The primary emphasis for this Olympiad is “membership growth”. There are five planning areas:

  • Administration and Governance
  • Athlete Development and Competition
  • Communications
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Resources and Education/Training

At the meeting, after breakout sessions for each planning area, the leader of each session gave a report to all the meeting’s attendees, answered questions, and accepted additional input.

Following the meeting, the leaders of each of the planning areas updated their planning area’s strategic plan and submitted the information to Mark Winitz, who then compiled all five of the planning areas’ information into this document. USATF Pacific’s Strategic Plan is a very useful document to show how PA Committees join forces to set goals for the USATF Pacific’s future. Review this document to understand how USATF Pacific plans to move forward as we approach the 2020 Olympics. If you have questions or suggestions, direct them to the “responsible party(ies)” listed for each planning area.