Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

PA USATF Pacific loses Jim Hume – administrator, official, trainer, coach.

Jim Hume 2019

Arrangements will be forthcoming. Below is Jim’s bio as written for the First Annual USATF Pacific Awards Banquet, 2019.

Jim Hume has been active in the Pacific Association as an administrator, an official, a trainer, and a coach, for more than the last 50 years.

As an administrator, Jim was the Women’s Statistician in the days before computers. He was the Youth Chair from the mid-‘70s until the mid-‘80s, served as the President of the Board of Athletics from ’82-’85, and has served as the Pacific Association Official’s Certification Chair for most of this century. With the inspiration of Dick Connors and the help of Bruce Colman, Jim has used his computer skills to help produce Turns & Distances, a newsletter from the Pacific Association officials.

In 1979 Jerry Colman asked Jim to accompany him to the Olympic Committee’s Sports Festival as his gopher. Gophering led to becoming the Women’s T&F Travel Coordinator for 13 of the 14 festivals.

In 1983 Jim was selected as the Head Manager for the Women’s Junior Team in the USA vs. Canada, and Italy meets in Canada and New Britain, Connecticut. In 1995 he was the Head manager for the women’s team for the USA vs. Great Britain meet in Newcastle, GB.

As an official, Jim has been active since 1968. He is currently a Master Level official who, since computers became available to run the paperwork part of a meet in the mid/late-80s, has spent most of his time behind a computer as the Competition Secretary. He took his advanced Competition Secretary degree while buried in the basement of the Olympic Stadium during the 1996 Olympics. Jim is a strong supporter of FieldLynx computer software to record/display field event results. In 2004 he headed the FieldLynx crew at the Olympic Trials.

As a coach, Jim worked with the Millbrae Lions Track Club (one of the first women’s track and field clubs) from the late-60s to the late 80s and saw the transition from club only opportunities to school-sponsored opportunities for women to participate. He spent 15 years at Hillsdale High, and in 1997 he was recognized as a CIF-CCS T&F Honor Coach.

Early in Jim’s coaching, teaching, administrating career, he became interested in helping produce well run track meet. This interest and his role as CertChair, has led to Jim’s involvement in training others to run an an efficient track and field meet. He has helped organize and taught at numerous local training clinics. In 2012 he received from the National Officials Committee of the USATF the James Gray Award for Leadership.

As a high school cross country coach since 1986, Jim has been interested in CSM’s Crystal Springs Cross Country Course and since the early-‘90s, had an increasing role in administering the course with Bob Rush.

And all of this was paid for with his job as a school teacher. Jim taught in a reading program at Ben Franklin Middle School for 17 years serving as a classroom teacher, the head of the reading lab, and as the program director. In 1986 the opportunity arose for him to move to Hillsdale High in San Mateo where he taught English, computer use, computer programming and coached cross country and track for 15 years.