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PA Assoc Committee Election Results

2019 Pacific Association Committee Election Results

Thanks to all these members who have stepped up to represent and serve our Association!
New Committee Chairs assume their roles 1 July for two year terms

Athletes Committee Chair: Kendall Spencer

Women’s Track and Field Chair: Carl Rose

Men’s Track and Field Chair: Fred Baer

Master’s Track and Field Chair: Joseph Ols

Long Distance Division:

Women’s Chair: Angie Longworth

Men’s Chair; Andy Crawford

Masters: Allan Stanbridge

Cross Country Chair: Don Porteous

Race Walk Chair: Jon Price

Officials Committee:

Chair: Phil Leake

Vice Chair: John Shirey

Secretary: John Lilygren

At Large Board Members: John Murray and Joe VanZant

BoA Representatives: Bob Thompson, Jim Hume, Jim Manha, Charles Murphy

Youth Committee:

Chair: Carl Bryant

Vice Chair: *ELECTION: Joanne Camargo, Ken Hunter, Juliet Kelley

Secretary: Sylvia Jones

Treasurer: Duane Wolterstorff

Track and Field: Debra Sample

Cross Country: Cris Houston

Race Walk: Beth Price

Multi Events: Lee Webb

High School Rep: Jerry Craft

Officials Rep: Don Harding

Communications: Michael Davidson

Records: *ELECTION: Evangela Dixon, Greg Neuman

Coaches Committee:

Chair: Dave Shrock

Youth-High School Rep: *ELECTION: Cris Houston, Debra Sample

Open-Collegiate Rep: John Rembao

Coaching Education: Dave Shrock

*= Elections will be held for a 30 day period in the Youth and Coaches Committees from 26 May until 26 June with results published 28 June.