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2009 Youth Cross Country Meet Bidding Procedure

Submit information before meeting scheduled for Jan. 24, 2009.

The Pacific Association (PA) has decided to move the date for the annual cross country (XC) bidding meeting.  Normally this bidding session is held in June at the PA Junior Olympic meet.  From 2009 forward the XC bidding session will take place at the January/February Pacific Association Youth Committee (PAYC) meeting.  If your club is a 2009 USATF member in good standing and would like to bid to host a XC meet in fall 2009 season, please contact Bob Shor @ [email protected] and provide him with the information below.  Then attend the meeting on January 24, 2009 and be prepared to present your bid and address questions from the PAYC.

Below is a cut and paste of the Youth Operating Procedures to guide you in your bidding process (below applies to track & field and cross country):

1.     Bids shall be open to all registered clubs of the Pacific Association USATF.

·      Only one club per weekend will win a bid to host a youth sanctioned competition

·      To bid for a meet a club must submit in advance of the meeting to the Youth Chair the following information:

1.     Provide a club representative that can do a brief 1-2 minute presentation on the benefits of attending their meet

2.     Date(s) of competition

3.     Location of competition

4.     Include following information:

·      Hand time or FAT time

·      Snack bar available (yes or no)

·      Proposed schedule; include exceptions such as certain events / age groups will not be contested

5.      Until sanction paperwork and fees is approved by the PA office, no meet information or schedule will be posted on the PA website.  Failure to obtain a sanction will result in the cancellation of the meet.  Proof of insurance from another entity must be provided if waiving USATF insurance.

Please check the PA youth website for updates on time and location for the PAYC meeting that will be held on January 24.

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