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YTF Youth Race Walk Clinic/Officiating Info for 7/1 & 7/8 Meets

There will be a clinic on race walking technique for the athletes this Saturday, July 1, starting at 8:00 a.m., an hour before the first race walk. We have folks coming from South Carolina (who were at the Junior and Open USATF Championships last weekend) to help with the clinic and with the Pit Lane, which will be used this coming Saturday and on July 8 at the Region 14 JOs. Please distribute the attached document about the Pit Lane. We’ll use it for both the 1500-meter and 3000-meter race walks. What it means is that if an athlete gets red cards from 3 judges, they have a 30-second penalty. If they then get an additional, 4th, red card from another judge, they are disqualified. This should mean fewer disqualifications. The Pit Lane will also be used at the National JOs.

We will combine girls and boys in the 1500-meter race, and we will combine girls and boys in the 3000-meter race. The race walkers need to have hip numbers on both the front and back of their shirts.

Beth and Jon Price will officiate the entire time at both the PA JOs and the Region 14 JOs. They will umpire as well as judge the race walks. They can also serve as Referees (recognizing that we can’t serve as a Referee regarding an umpire’s call that one of them would make – the other one could be the Referee in that case).

Jon Price
Race Walk Chair