Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

PA/USATF Youth Birthdate Validation Procedure

New Date of Birth Validation Process Implemented for 2009


The Youth Board of Athletics (YBOA) learned at the 2008 USATF Annual Meeting held December 3-7 that USATF is preparing to require only an original proof of birthday … not a copy of a proof of birthday.  To get ahead of this forthcoming policy change the YBOA has decided to implement the verification process with the 2009 competition year.  Effectively January 1, 2009, all youth athletes competing in Pacific Association (PA) USATF competitions must provide a certified birth date document or a certified copy of a birth date document.


What does that mean to each of you?


If you are currently a 2008 PA/USATF member with an approved proof of birthday on file you do not have to do anything else.  If 2009 will be your first year competing in USATF or you let your membership lapse in 2008 but want to return in 2009 then you need to provide one of the documents below when you register.


·      Certified original birth certificate

·      Current drivers license or state ID with picture

·      Current passport with picture

·      Certificate copy of baptism certificate with seal

·      Current government ID with picture


Please contact me at 510-206-5403 or e-mail with any concerns or questions.


Tony Williams, Sr


Youth Membership Chair Rep.

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