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Livescan Information

Livescan Process Information

The following provides you with information on how to complete the Livescan process for required background screening in the Pacific Association of USA Track and Field

First, you need to email a statement to [email protected] informing us that you are forwarding the Coaches Application (below) or that you are a Certified Official and you are completing the process for Livescan and background clearance.


You must have a current USATF 10 Digit membership number (starts with a 38 for 2008) and be a current member of the Pacific Association as a parent, administrator, coach, athlete or Certified Official. If you are going through this process to be affiliated with a team, that team must be currently registered as a team with the PA/USATF and in good standing. You may apply for USATF membership from the website.


If applying as a coach or volunteer you must complete a Coach’s application for and mail it to:

Pacific Association
120 Ponderosa Court
Folsom, CA 95630

A coach’s application may be found at the following link on the USATF website HERE.

Make sure to keep a copy of all documents that you mail to the PA/USATF Office.


You will next need to have your fingerprints taken to complete the background investigation process through the FBI and California Department of Justice (DOJ). Here is the link to the CA Department of Justice screen that lists sites throughout California performing Livescan:

There is a fee at all Livescan locations that includes the FBI fee, the DOJ fee, and the Livescan operator fee. You will need to pay this fee up front. However, if this is the first time that you have completed this process for the PA/USATF, you will be reimbursed your cost by submitting a reimbursement form to the PA/USATF as found on the PA/USATF website.


Below is the link to obtain the Livescan form that you will need to complete and take with you to the Livescan site. Livescan Form

The Livescan operator will keep one copy, one copy is for you, and you need to mail the final copy to PA/USATF.

To fill out this form you will note that it has 6 sections divided by a double black line. I will start at the top and tell you the information you need to fill in each section:

Section 1:
ORI: A9319
Type of Application: Volunteer
Job Title: Coach, Volunteer or Official (one title only)

Section 2:
Agency authorized to receive: Pacific Association
Mail Code: 11036
Street: 120 Ponderosa Court
Contact Name: John Mansoor
City: Folsom CA 95630
Contact Telephone: (916) 983-4715

Section 3
This is all your information with the following exception:
Misc. No. BIL-: 147771
Misc. Number: leave this line blank

Section 4
Leave everything blank except:
Level of Service: Check both boxes for DOJ and FBI

Section 5
Leave all items blank

Section 6
Leave all items blank

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON THIS PROCESS CALL ME (George Paddeck) at (916) 660-3805 (If you are smiling I will answer quicker!!).

Thank you for completing this process as the PA/USATF places protection of our youth athletes at the highest priority.