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2011 Pacific Association Youth Committee Meeting Youth Chair – Joanne Slaton-Camargo



Meeting Agenda
Bid Application
National Convention High School Program Report
National Convention Youth Committee Report



Happy New Year one and all. Hope everyone had a most wonderful holiday season. This notice is a friendly reminder of the second of our two scheduled Youth Club meetings for the 2011 track and field and cross country season. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 19th from 10 am to 2 pm at James Logan High School. We will critique our 2010 cross country season and maintain thoughts and ideas for the 2011 season.


The Youth Committee met October 2005 and as part of our effort to improve our operating protocols and streamline our business processes, the committee developed four core areas of concentration that would continually cause the committee to be goal driven.


Our core areas of concentration are:


  • 1. the Youth Committee would become more visible at the Executive Board and the National level
  • 2. develop programs that would extend into the community and promote the sport of track and field through program development
  • 3. annually increase youth participation by 5 percent
  • 4. continually groom leadership


    The core areas of concentration were separated into Four Independent Phases. Calendar Year 2011 places us in Phase II of our strategic plan which requires the committee to increase the number of youth representatives at the executive board level by seeking out individuals who will attend executive meetings and vote on youth agenda items that impact the Youth Sport Committee.


    We will embark upon creating scholarships for PA Youth Athletes aspirating to attending college, create the criteria and award that would recognize outstanding youth coaches within our association, create a youth service award that would recognize volunteers with our association, develop financial instruments that encourage consistency in profit and expense tracking and allows the committee to annually distribute the youth budget creating financial transparency.


    Your involvement is paramount to the success of our organization achieving the goals set before us this year. It is my hope that you are planning to attend the meeting on February 19, 2011 at James Logan High School at 10:00 am.


    If you plan to bid for a cross country meet this upcoming season please be aware that you will be expected to have available, the facility location, medical person