Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

XC Sergio Reyes Dominates Masters field at USATF XC Champs

The HOKA Aggies’s Sergio Reyes won the Masters Men’s heat of the USATF Cross Country Championships Saturday at Mission Bay Park in San Diego. Reyes won the 8K event in a terrific time of 26:37 almost a full minute ahead of 2nd placer Roosevelt Cook (26:31) and the bronze winner, Jacques Sallberg (27:37), both from the Cal Coast TC. Also finishing in the top 10 were Mark Yuen (4th place) of West Valley TC, and Ivan Lieben (10th place) also of WVTC.

Other PA runners included:
Open Men: Schuyler Hall, SFRC, 56th place

Masters Men: Cory Smith, HOKA Aggie RC, 15th; David White, WVTC, 16th; Edward Randolph, WVTC, 23rd; Ben Turman, WVTC, 29th, Jacob Nur, 30th, SRA Elite; Ahmet Gokcek, WVTC, 40th; Donald Stewart, Empire RC, 60th; Carl Kadlic, HOKA Aggie RC, 62nd; Isaac Medrano, Wolfpack RC, 83rd; Brent Cushenbery, River City Rebels, 95th; Lon Wiley, Empire RC, 96th, Don Porteous, Tamalpa Runners, 98th; Andy Harris, River City Rebels, 105th; John Hirschberger, Tamalpa Runners, 106th; Larry Fluharty, River City Rebels, 109th; Joe Schieffer, Tamalpa Runners, 110th; Ronald Sousa, River City Rebels, 116th; James Flanigan, Tamalpa Runners, 118th; Hans Schmid, Tamalpa Runners, 122nd, Elmo Shropshire, Tamalpa Runners, 129th; Jerry Colletto, Tamalpa Runners, 131st.

Masters Women: Stella Gibbs, Impala RT, 24th, Suzanne Cordes, Impala RT, 29th; Eileen Brennan-Erler, Impala RT, 30th; Carol Keller, Impala RT, 34th; Angela Longworth, Impala RT, 36st; Gina Edwards, Impala RT,38th; Hronn Gudmundsdottir, Impala RT, 39th; Jo Anne Rowland, Impala RT, 48th; Donna Chan, Impala RT, 54th; Irene Herman, Impala RT, 55th.

In addition to Sergio Reyes winning the individual master’s national championship in San Diego on January 8th and Jacob Nur having the highest age-graded score, PA teams also won several age-division team championships: WVTC’s 50+ men’s team, Impala’s 60+ women’s team, Tamalpa’s 70+ men’s team, and Tamalpa’s 80+ men’s team.

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