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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 2009 Region 16 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships



Pacific Association / USATF

Region 16 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

Those that are working as Course Monitors and Bikers have been requested to do the same for the national USATF race as well.  You will be given a volunteer T-shirt for your efforts.

To volunteer contact Maria Castillo at [email protected]

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno, NV

This will be the one and only qualifier for the USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships.  By now you may have heard that our Pacific Association (PA) Cross Country Chair, Bob Shor, recently discovered he had lung cancer.  His surgery was November 4 and the doctor believes they were successful at removing the cancer.  In the meantime, the PA is responsible for hosting this meet.  Each club who will be competing in the Region 16 meet will be expected to provide volunteers.

To volunteer, email Maria Castillo (PA Vice Chair / Co-Meet Director) at [email protected]

If a club does not sign up for a volunteer role one will be assigned to the club.  We are a volunteer run organization and this meet will not be successful if everyone doesn’t step up to do their part.

  • Course monitors – 3 more volunteers  needed
  • Bikers (team of 2 for each race) …  that is 10 cyclists … only one of the 10 signed up so far
  • Snack bar – sell food throughout the  day (no purchasing or cooking of food)

Region 16 Volunteers
Latest Information (11/18/09): All volunteers are requested to meet at 8:00 am at Rancho San Rafael Park on Sunday, November 29 for your training.  The folks from Reno will do a preliminary course walk through with the volunteers leading the course walk throughs and riding the bikes.  All other volunteers will be taken through their volunteer assignments.

We still need the following volunteers:

Packet creation (must be done prior to the meet at Maria’s home in Vallejo)
American Canyon Striders (Hazel Evans)
Day of Competition
Buffalo Chips (Linda Frazier)
Snack Bar (set up table to sell items bought by PA)
Alix Shor
Packet distribution
Junior Aggies
Course Walk (lead the 3K, 4K, 5K walks at beginning of the meet) 3K – Umoja (Blanca Fonseca)

4K – Above the Grade (Steve Martin)

5K – San Luis Distance Club (parent)

Course Monitors (Five volunteers assigned to tricky areas on the course to ensure athletes run on the correct course)
1. Umoja (Henry Lee)
2. Omega Youth TC (Della Mitchell)
3. Club:
4. Club:
5. Club:
Bikers (ride lead or trail bike for each race … suggestion is to have two teams of two riders that alternate each race)
Club Team 1: Curtis Lindsay, Los Gatos TC
Club Team 2: Bob Blake, Los Gatos TC:
Club Team 3: Susie Blake, Los Gatos TC
Club Team 4: Tom Whitman, Colleen Chicoine, Pleasanton Heat
Club Teams 5, 6, 7: Silver State Striders
Back-up timer (bring your own hand-held timing machine)
Umoja (Blanca Fonseca)
Finish Chute volunteers to ensure runners are in proper finish order
Pleasanton Heat
Stringers (collect tear off tags from bottom of bib number … stand at end of finish chute)
Pleasanton Heat
Results Posting (@ meet and online)
Roseville PAL Express
Award Distribution
Palo Alto Lightning
Advancement to National Meet
Region 14 Coordinator, David Lawrence