Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

RR PA masters Women set two pending Divisional ARs a week apart

Last week, at the Berlin Marathon, Hansi Rigney (81) ran 5:07:31 to break Ida Mintz’s existing F80-84 AR – 5:10:04. This from Hansi, “I could have been faster but I mistakenly thought that having crossed the Brandenburg Gate that was the finish and I ended up walking the last few hundred feet to the official finish!”

Today, Jenny Hitchings (60) ran 1:24:18 at the Urban Cow H Mar to smash USATF Masters HOFer Kathryn Martin’s existing F60-64 AR of 1:28:26.
Next Sunday Hitchings will be running the Chicago Marathon in an attempt to break Joan Samuelson’s F60-64 AR of 3:02:21 and perhaps become the first American woman >60 to break 3 hours in the Marathon. Mariko Yugeta’s 2:52:13 F60-64 WR is also a possibility, as Jenny ran 2:45:27 in London back in Aprils to break the F55-59 Marathon WR (2:48:06).