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Pacific Association Youth Committee Meeting – January 2009

Pacific Association Youth Committee Meeting – January 2009

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Association Youth Committee Meeting

W e l co m e


Please remember that PAYC meetings
are to follow Robert’s Rule of Order. If you need a refresher you can

Date: Saturday, January 24

Time: 11:00 pm – 3:00 pm (no

Location: James Logan
High School

1800 H Street (same place of other meeting)

Union City

Chair – Joanne Camargo 

Vice Chair – Debra Harvey 

Secretary – Nadine Davis 

– Dan Wright 

Officials Chairperson
– Maria Castillo 

Track Chairperson – Deborah

Field Chairperson – Kenneth

Communications Chairperson
– Maura Kent

Race Walk Chairperson
– Becky Klein

Multi Event Chairperson –
Lee Webb

High School Chairperson –
Darrell Hampton

Cross Country Chairperson –
Bob Shor

Records Chairperson –
Charlie Sheppard

Membership Chairperson –
Tony Williams 



  • Call Meeting to
  • Minutes From Last
    Meeting – Coaches meeting
    Oct 11, 2008
  • USATF Annual Convention
    in Reno – December 4-7, 2008


  1. Review Youth Operating
    Procedures (YOP). The YOP will be emailed to you so you can view them
    before the meeting. The items highlighted in RED will be items
    to be voted on at the meeting. Please make a copy, mark it up
    and bring to the meeting for discussion and ratification.
  2. Membership Chair
    Update ———————- Tony Williams

    • Beginning in 2009
      USATF is no longer allowing copies of proof of birth date documentation
      to be used to validate a youth athlete’s birth date. Consequently
      each club will need to collect valid proof of birth documents and present
      them to our Membership Chairperson. These documents will be returned.
      This is a one time exercise per athlete. 
    • Tony Williams, our
      current PA Youth Membership Chair, will be available for youth club coaches
      and parents of unattached athletes throughout the meeting to check off
      all of your documents. Your documents will be returned to you
      before the end of the meeting. Bring your athlete documents sorted in
      alphabetical order by last name and in one folder per club or unattached
      family. This will help ensure they will stay separated from everyone
      else’s proof of birth documents. If you cannot collect all of your proof
      of birth date documents by this meeting, this can be done later at track
      meets and/or alternative check points will also be arranged for future
      dates. These details will be shared by Tony in the meeting.
  3. Communication’s
    Chair Update ————————— Maura Kent

    • USATF Drug Testing

      • Beginning in 2009
        USADA, will be conducting random drug testing for Intermediate and Young
        age groups at the three major championship meets
    • Need 3-5 people
      who can write youth oriented articles 
    • Need 2-3 regionally
      based high school coaches to be responsible to promote each weekend
      at CIF high school invitational a PA sandwich board 
    • Pilot proposed to
      eliminate paper JO advancement forms and go 100% advancement through
      both rounds of JO qualifications
  4. Official’s Chair
    Update ———————————- Maria Castillo

    • February 21 USATF
      Official’s certification / recertification clinic with a youth focus
      / reduced cost
  5. Vice Chairperson’s
    Update —————————— Debra Harvey

    • Per YOP, request
      each club expecting to bring five (5) or more athletes to a 2009 T&F
      championship meet to sign up for a volunteer focus area (PAC, PA/JO,
    • Youth Coach’s Alliance

      • New sub-committee
        being developed and launched under the PAYC
  6. Chair Update
    —————————– Joanne Camargo
    / Bob Shor

    • News from the 2008
      USATF Annual Convention in Reno

      • 2010 Pacific Association
        bid to host USATF National Outdoor Track & Field Junior Olympic
    • Update on 2009 USATF
      National Outdoor XC JO Nationals

      • PA won this bid
        last year, progress update on meet planning
  7. Cross Country 2009
    Schedule Bob Shor / Joanne Camargo

    • Bid for 2009 Cross
      Country meet series 

      • If you plan to bid
        for a meet, ensure you follow the proposed bidding guidelines in the
    • Move the Region
      14 prior to state meet to align with all other associations; what is
      the impact to PA youth athletes?


  1. Unfinished business.
  2. New business.
  3. Announcements.
  4. Adjournment.