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Fall Training Tour With Coach Cook of CA Track Club


If you’re interest in having your club featured on the Fall Training Tour, Please contact Alexander Hill: 408.209.4386 or [email protected] Head Coach Jamal Cook OAKLAND, CA – With members of the CA track and field team hard at work in fall training preparing for the start of the 2011 season, they welcomed a strong recruiting class to the track as they part ways with some oustanding seniors. looking to join the national championship chase once again in the spring and summer. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Coach Cook to see where training is taking him this year.


1. As we’re at the end of the cross-country season, the fall training for your track & field athletes has begun. Let’s begin with the sprinters. Where are they right now in their conditioning program?


We are just finishing a general preparation phase and starting on speed. During the general preparation phase, we spend time on technique, properly doing drills correctly, and building core strength. I spend a lot of time focusing on starts, acceleration, and speed. The early part of the season is key to teaching the student athletes how to conduct themselves on an off the track.


2. With practice about to begin for most of the student-athletes across the country, what is your basic training philosophy in the fall as you prepare your team for the season?


My basic philosophy for the youngest to the oldest student athlete is focused around 3 A