Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

MastersXC Natl. USATF Masters XC 5K Champs: Impalas a force to be reckoned with!

This was a DAY, Oct. 22, 2022.  Boulder CO. Elevation, 5300′.  Temp at 1:00 PM race time, ~72 degrees, windy, humidity under 20% (varying reactions to that). There was some freakish allergen in the air that had several team members’ eyes and noses streaming.  The course here was cambered, with long grass. So.  We all decided very quickly not to pay attention to time as that was a pointless exercise, and off we went (after consuming liters and liters of water and Nuun pre-race).  Impala Team results:   The 40+ came in 2nd, the 50+ tied for first, and the 60+ won.

Individually, we all fought our own personal battles.  The allergens slayed a few – loogies and bougies all over the place, but none of us vomited, so there was that.  Oxygen deprivation was an issue for most.  One of us spent a little time in the medical tent, and another almost got sent there, but none of us went off an ambulance (that happened in the men’s race, with medical care provided by our very own Dr. Kieran Toth, who handed her four-month-old off and sprinted over to help a man who collapsed right before the finish).  The silver lining was relaxing in the sun post-race with free beer while we awaited the awards ceremony.

In the 40+ division, Katie Famous was 5th in the 40-44 and Liz Gottlieb 4th in the 45-49.  Jen Bayliss, Sam Forde, and Alexandra Newman crushed it in the 50-54, at 3rd and 5th and 7th respectively, with Sam’s kick making a welcome return to her race.  In the 55-59, Patti Shore was 8th and Angie Longworth 10th.  The 60-64 crew had a great day with Suzanne Cordes in 1st, Eileen Brennan-Erler 6th, and Carol Keller 8th.  Stella Gibbs had a hard day medically but still got herself across the finish line in 15th.  Mo Bartley lit up the 65-69’s with a solid 2nd place finish.