Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field


USATF Hershey 2020 National Junior Olympic Program & Miscellaneous FAQ’s

• Why was the 2020 USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Championships cancelled?

o Based upon the current State of Florida COVID-19 mandates, the University of North Florida has notified USATF that the venue will not be available for the hosting of the Event. In addition, USATF is committed to the safety and welfare of our constituency and will follow all State and Local government mandates.

• Does the cancellation of the Junior Olympic National Championship affect the Association and Region JO Qualifiers?

o Yes, those meets are cancelled as recommended by the Youth Executive Committee.

  • Will the cancellation of the JO’s change if there is a change in the COVID-19 status? o No
  • Where will the 2021 USATF JO’s be hosted?

o The location of the 2021 JO’s has not been determined to date.

  • Are there any plans in 2020 to create another National event to replace the JO’s? o There are no definitive plans for a 2020 National event. The USATF National Office in conjunction with the USATF Youth Committee will discuss exploringpossible 2020 options.
  • Has a decision been made on the hosting of the 2020 USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships?o The Youth Executive Committee recommended cancellation to the Board and to the National Office. The recommendation was accepted.
  • How will USATF handle Sanction requests from Associations or individuals that may opt to host a Youth track & field event once the facilities become available again?

o USATF will continue to process Sanctions accordingly under the same policies and procedures. USATF continues to advise that all Local/State mandates be adhered to when considering hosting an event during the Summer 2020 season.

  • Please continue to access for updated information on COVID-19 and other related information.