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Educating our Youth



Contact: Lionel Leach
Phone: 917-913-5505
Jan 29, 2009

Educating our Youth

As you know, at the 2007 USATF Annual Convention, the Youth Committee voted to heighten anti-doping education initiatives at its three youth national championships in 2008 and begin in-competition drug testing at the 2009 championship events. The programs are in partnership with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and are tied to USATF’s Zero Tolerance anti-doping initiative and Win with Integrity youth outreach program.

While we are working on putting the finishing touches to this new program for the upcoming year, the USADA has developed a website to educate youth about the use of drugs. While you will be receiving more information in the coming weeks, a quick view of the Cheating Your Health Web site will give you an idea of how serious “Cheating Your Health” may be. USATF & our Zero Tolerance Committee are serious and committed when we say that, “cheating is wrong and cheaters will be caught.” Our goal is very simple and clear on our youth level. Since our program is the foundation of Track & Field, then it is our job to do everything possible to educate and prepare our youth to compete on the elite level, including educating them on the use of drugs.

Norrie Richardson, USATF Youth Legal counsel and the National Office will be working very hard to prepare our kids and our program for the task ahead.

Please continue to view our Cheating Your Health Web site for updates and forward this important message to a friend so they can be informed.