Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

Award Descriptions



Awards Committee Chairs Ryan Cowley: [email protected] Leroy Milam: [email protected]

The Awards Chair and Committee are governed by Article 15 “Administrative Committees” of the bylaws of Pacific Association.

Tom Moore Award
  • The Tom Moore Award is meant to recognize outstanding life-long achievement and service to track and field and the Pacific Association.  It is named for the man who founded the Modesto Relays and kept them running for over 50 years.  It was instituted in 2002, and the first one was presented to Tom shortly before he passed away.
  • The Awards Chair and Committee (along with any member of Pacific Association) may nominate candidates for the Moore Award; however, honorees are chosen by the Board of Directors.
  • Download award nomination form (pdf).
Hall of Fame Award
Pacific Association Service Awards
  • The Awards Chair and Committee award up to two Pacific Association Service Awards each year to members and staff of the association.
  • These awards are meant to recognize service to the Association and the sports of track and field (and masters, youth, distance-running, race-walking, disabled athletics: all the sports and activities—like membership development, officiating, etc.– that Pacific Association administers).
  • The top candidate to be considered for the Association Service Award is the Pacific Association’s nominee for the national Horace Crowe Award.
  • Nominations are compiled by BofA members and presented to the Awards Committee Chair.
  • Nominations MUST include detailed reasons for the award.
  • The Awards Committee Chair is responsible for having the actual award made.
  • Download award nomination form (pdf).
Pacific Association Officials Awards

Click here for information about the USATF Pacific Officials Awards.

Pacific Association Coach’s Legacy Award
  • In recognition of the many influential coaches who have served in our association and have selflessly strengthened our sport(s) through teaching, mentoring, and promoting our profession, the Coaches Committee has created the Legacy Coach Award.
  • Criterion is weighted heavily on coaches who were not only great coaches, but who also inspired and trained/mentored many of us to become coaches ourselves.
  • Download award nomination form (pdf).
Timeline for Nominations and Awards

Second sunday of January: all nominations due to award chairs

After middle of January:

  • Finalize the list of nominees, including people identified by the committee, nominated as a result of the memo, and nominated in the open meeting.
  • The list of previous nominees who have not won the award should be included as well.
  • Prepare a memo giving each person’s qualifications, and send this to the Folsom office, for distribution.
  • It’s useful to include a due-date for votes to be returned.  Most come in within a few days, of course.
  • Folsom will then send this list out to the full Board of Athletics, each member is invited to vote for two candidates, and the awards chair tabulates the results.
  • In years when new officers are elected, this election is part of the same process.
  • (note: in 2004 “election,” some ballots came directly to the Awards Chair, some were forwarded to Awards Chair from Folsom, and Awards Chair tabulated results.  It is very useful to have/make a list of eligible voters and check them off as they vote.)