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USATF Youth & YouthRunner Perfect Together

USATF Youth Division has launched a new Internet home with

The Youth Division and Youth Runner Magazine have teamed up together to create a spot for coaches and athletes to submit team stories and get the recognition they deserve. It is also designed to be a central hub to find out about the latest news, photos, videos, results, and event information. Athletes can get a profile, enter their best times, and find out about other teams around the country. "This is just another great source our New Youth Division will be working with to make our Youth Program the Best in the country,"USATF National Youth Division Chair. said Lionel Leach" You can check out the get features at

But wait, there’s more…

Your teams can use Youth Runner Magazine as a fundraiser. In a nutshell it goes like this:

  • * Organize a specific fundraising time period…two weeks, or a finish by date.
  • * Sell subscriptions for $19.95 per year.
  • * You collect and remit one half of the money back to us


  • * Sell 100 subscriptions – Keep $1000
  • * Sell 1000 subscriptions – Keep $10,000
    …you get it

To make it interesting once you sell 1000 subscriptions we will create a special Sacramento Edition of Youth Runner Magazine. What that means to you is:

  • * On the front Cover we’ll name it the USATF Sacramento Edition and then insert 8 pages just about your meet.
  • * Inside we’ll add at least 8 pages just for you with highlights of your meets and interviews (from YR) with your kids.
  • * You can also use Youth Runner as a marketing tool to reach out for new members and introduce new kids to track and cross country.
  • * Plus you can offer advertising in Youth Runner as part of your existing event sponsorship packages. 

What we’re finding out there is that a lot of events have been getting dollars from car dealers and other businesses that just don’t have the money anymore.  And…those that are kicking in want some value.  What adding YR to the mix does is that it takes it out of a one shot advertising deal.  With YR the message goes on in print and online.

We’ll create a separate Sacramento Channel at  Again you can see what we’ve already done at

IF you can only sell 500 subscriptions we’ll do all of the above excepting that the Sacramento edition would be in a digital formal vs. print…until you can reach the 1000 threshold.
l would love to help to promote the USATF Pacific Assoc. JO Championships or any other events you are involved in. I look forward to working with you.


Pam Kesterson
Youth Runner Magazine