Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field




Annual Subbantam Championships

Granada High


400 Wall




June 20,


10:00 a.m. 


New event: 1500 meter run for 7-8 year olds!

Welcome to

the 6th Annual Subbantam Championships Track and Field Meet

of the Pacific Association.  For this year subbantams are athletes

born 2001 and later.  The Youth Committee team members, family

and friends, are hosting this meet again.  Yes, we’re still doing

it; and with your help and support we will continue for years to come. 

To make this work, your volunteer services are still much needed and

greatly appreciated.  We want another successful Subbantam Championships

meet this year, so again, let’s make it happen!! 

Athletes must

be capable of contesting their event efficiently.  We cannot allow

exceptionally young children to participate in the longer races and

most of the field events.  Therefore, adjustments have been made

for most of the meet events.  The adjustments are noted next to

the particular event below.  Please adhere to these when making

your athlete entries. 

We’re offering

the high jump for our 7 and 8 year olds only.  The shot put will

be 4 pounds for this track meet instead of the regulation 6 pounds used

for the bantam age group.  The mini jav is also being offered again

so coaches, it is imperative that you train your subbantams in these

three field event areas if you are going to have them contest the events! 

We want no unnecessary accidents.  

Our preference

is pre-registration via email to [email protected]   However, if you are using the

postal snail mail system, please pre-register with a postmark date of

no later than Friday, June 12, 2009.  If you have any questions

do not hesitate to contact Joanne Slaton-Camargo at [email protected] or

call  (510) 879-8642, (510) 632-8004 OR Maria Castillo at (707)

648-3423 or 

USATF regulations

allow three (3) events per athlete.  Please adhere to those guidelines.   

Awards for

this track meet are medals 1-3 and ribbons 4-8 in each heat or flight. 

The outstanding male and female athlete of the day will be presented

with a trophy at the end of the track meet.  Each athlete will

also receive a subbantam track meet t-shirt at the start of the track


Entry fee

is $8 per athlete.  Make cashiers check or money order payable

to Pacific Association USATF or simply PA/USATF.  No personal checks

please.  Enter your athlete (s) via email at [email protected] or mail entries using attached entry

form and payment no later than Friday, June 12th to:

                        PA Subbantam Championships


        Anthony Camargo

                        278 Wistar Road

                        Oakland, California  94603

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – –

Directions to:  Granada High


               400 Wall Street

               Livermore, California  94550 



East on 580  –  1-580 to Livermore.  Exit at Portola

Avenue.  Right at first signal, Murrieta Blvd.  Right at third

signal, Stanley Blvd.  Left at first signal, Wall Street. 

School is on the left, drive past the school to the main parking lot.   


West on 580 –  Exit at North Livermore, right at signal. 

Right on Portola.  Left at Murrieta Blvd.  Right at third

signal, Stanley Blvd.


Pacific Association


Annual Subbantam Championships

Granada High

School – Livermore 


June 20, 2009


– 8:00 a.m.


Start – 10:00 a.m. 

Events will

be run in the order below unless otherwise specified.  Athletes

may participate in a maximum of three events.

There are no other age groups except subbantams involved in this meet. 

Therefore, we will have scheduled breaks between each event for recovery


  • Awards (1-3 medals,

    4-8 ribbons) will be given to each athlete after their event is run. 

  • A trophy will be

    presented at the end of the meet to the outstanding male and female

    athlete of the track meet. 


Directors:  Joanne Camargo (510) 



         Maria Castillo  (707) 



[email protected]  OR 

            Age Division     Birth


            Subbantam     2001 and after


*The running events are as


            4X100 relay

            800 meter dash – 7-8 year old only

            50 meter dash – 1, 2, 3  year

old only

            200 meter dash – 4-8 year old only

– 20 minute break

            400 meter dash – 4-8 year old only

– 15 minute break

            100 meter dash –  2-8 year old

only – 15 minute break

            1500 meter run –  7-8 year old only

            4×400 relay 

*The field events are as follows: 

            Long jump – all ages

            High Jump – 7-8 year old only

            Shot Put – 5-8 year old only –

4 lb. shot put will be used

            Mini Jav – 4-8 year old only –

standard mini jav will be used