USATF Pacific


Rain or Shine

Saturday, 18
April 2009

Oakmont High

1710 Cirby Way,
Roseville 95661

What do you need to know?

  • USATF Membership:
    • All club team
      in this meet
      to be 2009 USATF member
    • Schools
      are not required to be USATF members
    • Unattached
      athletes do no need to be a USATF member
      Use this competition as an opportunity to learn about USATF to determine
      if you’d like to join
      • USATF membership
        applications will be available
  • Registration:
    • Registration into
      the meet must be received by midnight April 12
      • Clubs / schools
        register at
      • Unattached athletes
        register by sending an e-mail to
        [email protected] that contains:
        • Title of e-mail:
          April 18 RETC T&F – athlete’s name
        • Athlete’s Date
          of Birth
        • Athlete’s USATF
          # (or state doesn’t have one)
        • Athlete’s Event(s)
      • Check the RETC website
        ( to confirm unattached and club entries
        have been received
        • Entries will not
          be accepted until registration fees are received
    • No same day registration
  • Cost:
    • $6 per athlete (send
      your registration fees to RETC, 1442 Deerfield Circle, Roseville, CA
    • There will be no
      refunds so ensure your entries are correct
  • Seeding:
    We will not pre-seed heats. Best efforts will be made to seed
    heats the day of the meet so that two athletes from the same club will
    not be in the same heat. Last heat in each age group will be the
    fast heat … to do this we need you to instruct your athlete(s) to
    let the clerk know they want to be in the fast heat
  • Awards:
    Top 6 in each heat / flight will receive a ribbon (given after each
    heat is completed); participant ribbon to all who place 7th
    and beyond in each heat
  • Top
    3 overall will receive a medal
    • Events with multiple
      heats per age group will award medals 30-minutes after the event is
      over (allows time for combination of heat results). These medals
      can be picked up by the club coach or a designated club / unattached
      athlete representative at the finish line (center of track)
  • Results:
    Results will be posted within 30-minutes after each event is over and
    on the PA/USATF website within 2-days after the meet is completed
  • Finish line
    : $10 per photo … all races will be available
    (cash or check); photo ordering will be located at top of home bleachers
    next to press box
  • Meet Records:
    Using the results from the 2008 RETC sponsored meet … RETC now has
    established meet records for you to break!
  • Snack Bar:
    RETC will provide a snack bar with hot meal-deals for breakfast &
    lunch (school does not allow BBQs to be brought on campus); hot breakfast
    will be served beginning at 7 am
  • Volunteers:
    RETC will be providing all volunteers to run this meet
  • Pole vault coaches
    : One coach per club will be allowed on the infield as
    long as they stay confined to the coach’s box
  • Access to clerking
    : Only athletes are allowed in the clerking area.
    This is the 7th meet of the 2009 season and by this time
    an athlete needs to be able to navigate the Clerk of the Course process
    without a parent or coach. Clerking area is only for running &
    race walking events. All field events are to check in at the location
    of the field event
  • Access to infield:
    No coaches on infield except coaches clearly displaying 2009 PA/USATF
    membership ID cards and assisting Sub-Bantam and Bantam long jumpers
    setting marks. Coaches must leave when the event begins
  • Questions:
    Contact Maura Kent @
    [email protected] or (916) 786-7288

Driving Directions

  • From Reno:
    Take I-80 West towards Sacramento. Exit Douglas Blvd. Stay
    in the right of the two left-turn lanes. Immediately after you
    turn left onto Sunrise Blvd. take the fly over exit on your right (this
    is actually an exit on the freeway overpass. If you miss the flyover
    then take first right after crossing the freeway (Sunrise Blvd.).
    Either option drops you on Sunrise Blvd. Turn left on Cirby and
    school will be down the road on the right hand side of the street.
  • From San Francisco:
    Take I-80 East towards Reno. When you enter the outskirts of Sacramento
    stay to the right and take the I-80 Reno split. (If you stay on
    Business I-80 through Sacramento you’ll add 20-30 minutes to your
    commute.) Exit on Auburn / Riverside Blvd. exit. There is
    a different Auburn Blvd. exit in Sacramento … do not take that one!
    Take the Auburn exit that is combined with Riverside Blvd. At
    this exit stay in the right-hand lane like you are going to go onto
    Auburn Blvd. Instead of exiting right or left on Auburn go straight
    and end up on a frontage road that parallels I-80. Turn right
    on Cirby Way and the school will be down the road on your right side.
  • From Modesto:
    Take I-99 North. I-99 will merge with Business I-80 as you enter
    downtown Sacramento. At the merge stay to the far left merging
    onto I-80 to Reno (basically you’ll stay straight on the freeway).
    Stay on I-80 till you reach Auburn/Riverside exit. Follow directions
    above from San Francisco

Hotel Suggestions

  • See hotel flier
    for specific details – when you register ensure you state you are
    coming for the Roseville Express Track Club meet to obtain your discounted
    hotel rates
    • Best Western Roseville
      Inn (916-782-4434)
    • Orchid Suites (916-784-2222)
    • Holiday Inn Express
      & Suites (916-774-6060)
  • Free
    spaghetti dinner
    all families staying at one of the above hotels for the meet.
    Pasta dinner will be held at Orchid Suites
    • RSVP to Art Hernandez
      or Scott Canon @ 916-784-2222

Meet Timeline

  • Packet pick-up 8:00
  • Club coach’s /
    Unattached parents meeting (infield) 8:30 am
  • First running /
    field events begin 9:00 am

Age Groups

  • Sub-Bantam, Bantam
    and Midget can only compete in up to 3 events
  • Youth and Open can
    compete in up to 4 events

Age Group Birth Year Age Group Birth Year
Sub-Bantam 2001 or later Youth 1995-1996
Bantam 1999-2000 Open 1991-1994

(1990 if 18 on or / before
Aug. 2)

Midget 1997-1998

Order of Events

Depending on number of athletes
in each event the Race Walks and 3000m runs may have all age groups
compete in one heat, during designated time in schedule. Additional
races could be combined depending on number of athletes. All field
events will begin at 9:00 am. With the 2009 season Sub-Bantams
can participate in the turbo javelin event.

Order of
running and field events are Girls then Boys


  • 1500m Race Walk
    (Bantam, Midget)
  • 3000m Race Walk
    (Youth – Open)
  • 80m Hurdles (Midget)
  • 100m Hurdles (Youth,
    I/Open Women)
  • 110m Hurdles (Open
  • 4x100m Relay (all
    age groups)
  • Athletes with Disabilities
    – Ambulatory
  • Athletes with Disabilities
    – Wheelchair
  • 1500m Run (Bantam
    – Open)
  • 100m Dash (all age
  • 400m Run (all age
  • 3000m Run (Midget
    – Open Women)
  • 200m Hurdles (Youth)
  • 200m Dash (all age
  • 800m Run (Bantam
    – Open)
  • 4x400m Relay (all
    age groups)


  • Javelin / Turbo
    Javelin (Y, O, SB, B, M) –held in baseball field behind track
  • Discus (O, M, Y)
  • Shot Put (B, M,
    Y, O)
  • Long Jump (SB, B,
    M, Y, O) (2 pits – 1 for girls; 1 for boys)
    • Triple Jump (Y,
      O) (follows LJ)
  • High Jump (O, Y,
    M, B)
  • Pole Vault (Y, O)