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Youth Memo to Coaches

Youth Memo to Coaches

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TO:   Pacific Association Coaches/Parents

FROM:  Joanne Slaton-Camargo

                  Youth Chair Pacific Association

SUBJECT: Payment for entry
into Nationals

                  Greensboro, North Carolina 

July 7, 2009 

Hello everyone
and to all those who will be participating, good luck at the Junior
Olympic Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina.  This memo is
to let you know that it is not
necessary to bring any funds to Bakersfield this weekend to pay for
your athlete(s) to enter the Junior Olympic Nationals track meet. 
Your fees are being paid for through funds generated during our two
PA championship track meets this season.  This applies to every
athlete who qualifies, which also includes unattached athletes. 

We will check
to see if all the athletes we have paid for do participate in the JO
Nationals in Greensboro.  If we find out that an athlete does not
compete, the coach or parent is expected to reimburse the association
for that athlete.  If this is not done, that particular team or
athlete if unattached, will not be included next season when we plan
to do the same thing.  So please, do not include an athlete you
know will not be participating just because the funds are not being
paid by you.  We thank you for your cooperation.


Joanne Slaton-Camargo

Youth Chair
Pacific Association

632-8004  home

879-8642  work

[email protected]