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PAUSATF 2009 Youth Membership Renewal Notice

PA/USATF 2009 Youth Membership Renewal Notice




March 31 is Deadline to Renew USATF Membership to keep Live Scan Current


Pacific Association youth coaches, parent volunteers and officials with a 2008 USATF membership and approved Live Scan … this message is for you!


California privacy laws require that the PA/USATF can only gain updates on your Live Scan if you are a current USATF member.  As a result, all 2008 USATF members who do not renew their membership for 2009 will be dropped from the PA/USATF active list.  As a result, at the time you decided to renew … after this drop dead date … you will have to pay out of your own pocket for a Live Scan before you can begin again working with youth athletes.


Don’t let this happen to you!  Renew now at and keep your Live Scan current with PA/USATF.#  #  #