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Coaches Badge application information

Registered Coaches Badge Application

Dear Coach,

Through a grant obtained from the National Association Committee and the efforts of LaDonna Aubert working to design and create these badges, you may be eligible to obtain a Registered Coaches Badge to wear at all events to better protect our athletes and to control access to competition areas. To be eligible for this badge you must be 3-step compliant: 1) 2021 membership, 2) SafeSport current, 3) NCSI background check current.

Example of the badge, which is similar to the national officials badge:

Before opening the application below, please have ready the following information from your USATF Connect account (click here to go to the Connect log-in page):

  • 2021 USATF membership number
  • Current SafeSport expiration date
  • Current NCSI background check expiration date
  • Also be sure to upload a color photo to your profile in USATF Connect (from the neck up, no dark glasses with a light background)

Once you have this information and uploaded your photo, please complete the short application at:

Submit any questions to LaDonna Aubert at: [email protected]