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USATF Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships Highlights

USATF Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships Highlights



2007 PA/USATF Youth Committee Board Meeting MInutes

Board Meeting
November 17, 2007

Meeting was called to order
at 11:21 A.M. by Joanne Camargo

Attendees: Joanne Camargo,
Nadine Davis, Maria Castillo, Leon Wimbley, Charles Sheppard, Maura
Kent, Debra Harvey, Bob Shor, Deborah Sample.

Introductions was made by each
board member and job descriptions was defined by each board member alone
with any additional job functions that was added to the board members
job functions.

Additional job functions that
was added to board members job descriptions is as follows: Track
Chair and Field Chair will be responsible for making sure that they
have the equipment necessary for each station or assign people that
can get the necessary items or equipment. Vice Chair will also
be responsible for making sure that the volunteers know their roles
and making sure that the survey is sent out to the coaches and completed.

Maura spoke on the communications
sandwich boards. The cost for the sandwich boards are out of the
budget, she wants to make a proposal to take the funds for the sandwich
boards out of the general funds.

The board agrees to get all
new e-mail addresses that will be associated with each board members
job title. Ex: Joanne
[email protected] these changes will be made by Maura.

Thomas Vincent is the new Web

On the website changes that
will be made is as followed: We are going to try to have it where
there will be one page to verify everything the new added links
are if you hit team roster you will be able to see if the athlete birth
certificate has been verified and who has had a background check done.

Per a phone conversation with
Maura and Irene, Maura stated that Irene agrees with the board for the
changes to be made by Tony Williams concerning the website and the process
that he is use to working with. Maura will forward the email of
the changes over to Irene who will then speak with Tony.

The usage of the title Judge
Tony, the board will like for him to drop the word