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Cross Country Scoresheet

Cross Country Scoresheet



Save your confirmation scoresheet emails! They are your proof of submittal

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your confirmation emails will be your proof of scoresheet submittal. Please keep these emails until the team scoring is posted. If you do NOT get a reply email back (within a few minutes) when you submit your sheet, then resubmit the scoresheet. If that fails, please send an email directly to the scorer . If your team is left off of the scoring, and you do NOT have a confirming email as proof, your team will not be scored.

    PA/USATF has just added a web page that will allow team captains to quickly and easily email their team scoresheets to the proper PA/USATF scorer. Click the "Submit your Team ScoreSheet" link above to go to this page. This web page will allow you to select runners from the roster of USATF members who belong to your club, as well as adding any runners who have "pending" USATF numbers. Then you simply click on a button and the list of scorers will be emailed to the scorer, as well as emailed to you and whomever else on your team you would like to be copied on the email.

The advantages of this are several. First, if a runner doesn’t appear on your roster, you will know that you need to confirm that the runner has a pending USATF number. This may save some of the problems that occur when we cannot confirm a runner’s USATF membership. Also, you do not have to remember who to send the scoresheet email to – it will automatically be sent to whomever is doing the scoring for that race. And since the scoresheets will all be in the same standard format, there will be fewer questions on the part of PA/USATF about who was intended to score.

We strongly encourage you to use the new web page to submit your scoresheets. We also encourage you to give us any comments about problems or suggested improvements in the system. The cross country grand prix scorer is Tom Bernhard, and you can email him at [email protected].