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RW PA’s Phyllis Karsten Sets Pending National W90-94 3000M Race Walk Record

Phyllis Karsten, age 92, has provisionally set a record for the 90-94 women’s age group in the outdoor 3,000-meter race walk on April 23, 2017, at Mount Diablo High School in Concord, as part of the Western Region and Pacific Association 3,000-meter Race Walk Championship.
Judging from the USATF website, there is no record for this age group.  Her time was 29 minutes 19.05 seconds.  We had the appropriate number of judges with appropriate levels of certification, three hand timers with printouts, lap scorers, and a coned inside curb on the track, which should make everything legal for the record.
The record for the women’s 85-89 age group is 27 minutes, 14.0 seconds, so Phyllis’s time is a good one.  She age graded at 85.65%, best of any of the athletes in the race that day.  The results have been posted on the USATF Pacific’s website: