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Robyn Stevens – 11th in 2016 20K RW at 2016 Oly Trials

From Robyn Stevens on her 11th pace finish at the 2016 Olympic Track & Field Trials 20K Race Walk

While the place would have been Top 4 if I had a working calf, just being able to walk it and finish the whole race after not being able to walk or run for two straight months made it a race I walk away from (not on a stretcher or in a wheelchair, yay!) feeling satisfied.

A week ago a PT and my coach were doing all they could to convince me not to race because they were afraid I’d tear it further. I wasn’t sure how things would go. I got an MRI last Friday to see if it’d be okay for me to at least start the race. The doctor reported that he felt I should be okay to give the race a go. I’m so happy I did. I was devastated when my calf injury occurred…it felt like a repeat of 2004 Olympic Trials. Toeing that line from start to finish on Thursday was more than what my coach, Susan, and the PT expected I would be able to do without risking permanently damaging myself.

I took advantage of having access to the best sports therapy on hand at the Olympic Trials directly after my race through yesterday. They did an ultrasound (to make sure the calf looks okay and not further damaged), Active Release Therapy and Ultrasound therapy. The reports from the staff and my Sports Doctor is: after 4-8 solid weeks of rest, and with doing continual strength and focused area exercises, my body will be good as new and stronger than ever before. 🙂