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Pacific Association/USATF LDR/Cross Country Race Day Membership Policy for Grand Prix/Championship Events

Pacific Association/USATF LDR/Cross Country Race Day

Membership Policy for Grand Prix/Championship Events


As of January 1, 2009, the Pacific Association/USATF Long Distance Running Committee will not score Road and Cross Country Grand Prix/Championship race participants who submit a paper USATF membership application on race day except during specifically announced LDR Membership Drives. Participants who submit a paper membership application on race day will not be eligible for PA/USATF Grand Prix individual points, or club scoring, for the particular Grand Prix/Championship race at which the membership application was submitted.

This policy will be waived at Grand Prix/Championship races at which LDR Membership Drives take place. For the Spring of 2009, LDR Membership Drives will take place at the following LDR Road Grand Prix events:

March 7, 2009    NorCal John Frank Memorial 10 Mile, Redding, Calif.

April 19, 2009    New Balance Excelsior Zippy 5K, San Francisco, Calif.

LDR Membership Drives will also occur at one or more PA/USATF Cross Country Grand Prix events, which be will announced at a future date.

Prospective PA/USATF Grand Prix/Championship participants can  ensure scoring eligibility by planning ahead and obtaining Pacific Association/USATF membership well ahead of race day. USATF Rule 3 states that “all members of an Association will be permitted to compete in the Association’s Championships.”

Please visit the PA/USATF Membership Page to apply for PA/USATF membership online, or download a membership application form. Athletes without Internet access may obtain a membership application form by contacting: Pacific Association, 120 Ponderosa Court, Folsom, Calif. 95630, Tel. (916) 983-4715.

It is recommended that athletes consider a multi-year USATF membership when applying. A multi-year membership provides the following benefits: (1) A discount on annual membership fees, (2) a single membership application process for 2-year, 3-year, or 4-year memberships, (3) guaranteed eligibility for individual and team scoring for the duration of membership, (4) all the additional benefits of USATF membership.

Multi-year memberships discounts for adults:
1 yr. – $30; 2 yrs. – $55; 3 yrs. – $80; 4 yrs. – $100

The PA/USATF LDR Committee approved the policy stated here in May, 2008 in order to avoid the eligibility and scoring delays caused by competitors who elect to wait until race day to apply for USATF membership. The new policy will ensure the timely scoring of PA/USATF Road and Cross Country Grand Prix events.


Thanks for your support of PA/USATF long distance running programs.