USATF Pacific

Pacific Association Officials Code Of Ethics



  • Be punctual and honor commitments and assignments.
  • Come prepared, including your own officiating tools, rulebooks, lunch, drinks and rain gear.
  • Cooperate with Meet Management.
  • Dress appropriately; be aware of the uniform of the day.
  • Do not smoke or chew while officiating, on the track, in the field or on the road.
  • Do not use alcohol or take drugs while officiating.
  • Do not use cell phones or other personal communication or entertainment electronics while on the field of play.
  • Be professional, positive, calm, in charge, and diplomatic.
  • Never yell at another official, athlete, coach, volunteer, or spectator.
  • Officials should approach their job as a means of helping to have a fair competition.
  • Never hamper, embarrass or berate a fellow official.
  • Be part of the team.
  • Know the rules for the events that you are officiating.
  • Apply the rules objectively and courteously
  • Ignore spectator or coach comments.
  • Keep the safety of the athlete, officials and spectators in the forefront at all times.
  • Start on time and keep things moving without rushing.
  • Expect no personal compensation.
  • Approach each meet as if it were the “Prestigious Meet” of your career.


See also: for National Officials Committee’s Code of Ethics.

PACIFIC ASSOCIATION Track and Field, Race Walking and LDR Officials

Revised January, 2006