Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

PA Youth at 2015 National Junior Olympics

This page contains composite updates of the top 10 performances of PA youth athletes at the 2015 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships.

In the first three of seven days of competition, PA youth athletes won four national titles and broke one national record (Emelda Malm-Annan’s W17/18 hammer throw of 55.53m). What a great start!

7/30: this result was written up in the press release by USATF: “In the 1,500m prelims, Ashley Klingenberg (Altamonte Springs, Florida) was the top qualifier in the 13-14 girls’ division by a convincing margin, coming in in 4:38.19. Three girls from the third heat, including Klingenberg, finished with the top qualifying times in the age division. Isabella Fauria (Roseville, California) and Kelli Hines (Laguna Beach, California) finished second and third overall with respective times of 4:39.91 and 4:41.39.”

7/31, 10 p.m. PST: Another National Champion and another new PA record set! This was in the 7/31 JO press release: “The women’s 17-18 triple jump title went to Kennedy Jones (Castro Valley, California) after her best jump of 12.26m/40-2.75. Alexandria Madlock (Ft. Hood, Texas) and Asa Garcia (Texas City, Texas) posted leaps of 12.22m/40-1.25 and 12.00m/39-4.50, respectively.” Alec Hastings of the Lodi TC set a new PA 3000m record for the Men 17/18 (9:09.0).

8/1 results update: Four field events were not contested … perhaps due to weather. One new PA youth record was established for Boys 13/14 3000m by Preston Norris of the Mt. Diablo Heat (9:26.76).

8/2 results update: New national Boys 7/8 1500m record was set by Daniel Scandera (unattached) with a time of 5:08.52. Isabella Fauria (Oak Hill Racing) won the Girls 13/14 1500m in 4:36.19. David Frisbie of Mission Valley T&F set a new PA record was in the Men 17/18 1500m with a time of 3:59.82.

Updated 8/2 with 8/2 results; updates courtesy of Maura Kent.

DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceEventMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
7/27/159-10 GirlsLawann PattersonEast Palo Alto Greyhounds61500m Race Walk10:27.51
7/27/1511-12 BoysSalvador EspinozaEast Palo Alto Greyhounds41500m Race Walk10:24.14
7/27/1513-14 GirlsRithika Vatturi Mission Valley T&F33000m Race Walk16:36.13
DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
7/28/159-10 BoysAyden PowersCentral Valley Roadrunners1Triathlon751 pointsXX
7/28/1515-16 GirlsPriyanka VatturiMission Valley T&F93000m Race Walk19:33.51
7/28/1517-18 MenRahul KumarMission Valley T&F43000m Race Walk21:52.14
DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceEventMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
7/29/157-8 GirlsChloe ElbazMarin Waves T&F Club6800m Prelim2:57.26
7/29/157-8 BoysJustin PretreWoodside Wildebeests7800m Prelim2:30.50
7/29/157-8 BoysMiles Jones3M TC9800m Prelim2:32.49
7/29/159-10 GirlsTaryn RicheyBulldogs XC/TF8Javelin23.35m / 76'7"
7/29/1513-14 GirlsJazlynn ShearerUmoja TC6200m Hurdles Prelim28.59
7/29/1513-14 GirlsIsabella FauriaOak Hill Racing2800m Prelim2:16.52
7/29/1513-14 GirlsL Roake, R Garcia, A Paylor, D ConstantinLos Gatos TC44x800m Relay9:54.68
7/29/1513-14 GirlsA Barnes, M Soares, K Vierra, I FauriaOak Hill Racing74x800m Relay9:58.88
7/29/1513-14 GirlsKelly KernReno Tahoe Athletics1Pole Vault3.40m / 11' 1.75"X
7/29/1513-14 BoysNoah Mitchell3M TC9200m Hurdles Prelim26.55
7/29/1513-14 BoysNewtan QuinlanM.P. Striders Youth TC6800m Prelim2:05.24
7/29/1513-14 BoysN Sagi, D Von Dupree, K Lee, D DupreeUmoja TC34x800m Relay8:55.60
7/29/1513-14 BoysX Reimers, R Bradley, C Sutch, M WorthenOak Hill Racing74x800m Relay9:17.36
7/29/1513-14 BoysColin TansimoreMission Valley T&F1Triple Jump12.80m / 42' 0"XX
7/29/1513-14 BoysDupree De VonUmoja TC10Triple Jump11.26m / 36' 11.5"
7/29/1515-16 BoysChris IlarSierra Foothill10Hammer39.13m / 128' 4"
7/29/1517-18 WomenEmelda Malm-AnnanGolden State Throwers1Hammer55.53m / 182' 2"Nat'l RecordX
7/29/1517-18 MenMichael RootGolden State Throwers3Hammer57.58m / 188' 11"
7/29/1517-18 MenCody HoltGolden State Throwers5Hammer55.10m / 180' 9"
7/29/1517-18 MenTristan BushSierra Foothill7Hammer53' 34m / 175' 0"
DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceEventMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
7/30/157-8 GirlsL Chan, S Tuua, M Walrath, C LephamUmoja TC84x100m Relay Prelim1:04.28
7/30/159-10 BoysAyden PowersCentral Valley Roadrunners7High Jump1.30m / 4' 3.25"
7/30/1511-12 BoysAnthony RogersUnattached10Javelin37.29m / 122' 4"
7/30/1511-12 BoysDi'Niko Bates3M Track Club680m Hurdle Prelim12.43
7/30/1513-14 GirlsIsabella FauriaOak Hill Racing21500m Prelim4:39.91
7/30/1513-14 GirlsReina GarciaLos Gatos Track Club101500m Prelim4:49.74
7/30/1513-14 GirlsJazlynn ShearerUmoja TC1100m Hurdle Prelim14.69
7/30/1513-14 GirlsIsabella FauriaOak Hill Racing6800m Semi-Finals2:16.48
7/30/1513-14 BoysPreston NorrisMt. Diablo Heat101500m Prelim4:25.42
7/30/1515-16 GirlsSarah GayerMenlo iGreyhounds TC81500m Prelim4:53.83
7/30/1515-16 GirlsMadison HoltGolden State Throwers2Hammer41.75m / 137' 0"
7/30/1515-16 BoysJason GomezMt. Diablo Heat91500m Prelim4:14.50
7/30/1515-16 BoysJared TracyUnattached6Shot Put14.45m / 47' 5"
7/30/1517-18 WomenEmelda Malm-AnnanGolden State Throwers9Discus39.95m / 131' 1"
7/30/1517-18 WomenAlexandra NewsomMission Valley T&F Club92000m Steeplechase8:04.20
7/30/1517-18 MenArman PablaMission Valley T&F Club62000m Steeplechase6:37.38
DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceEventMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
7/31/1511-12 GirlsQuinci Richard3M TC980m Hurdles Semi13.33
7/31/1511-12 BoysDi'Niko Bates3M TC880m Hurdles Semi12.47
7/31/1513-14 GirlsAngelica ZuberMarin Youth TC6Javelin33.04m / 108' 5"
7/31/1513-14 GirlsJazlynn ShearerUmoja TC4100m Hurdles Semi14.81
7/31/1513-14 BoysPayton FullerUnattached5Javelin44.36m / 145' 6"
7/31/1515-16 GirlsErica GrotegeerRevolution Express TC2Discus42.83m / 140' 6"
7/31/1515-16 BoysRobert MirandaMenlo iGreyhounds TC33000m9:11.54
7/31/1515-16 BoysSamuel CraigUnattached103000m9:30.74
7/31/1517-18 WomenKennedy JonesCastro Valley TC1Triple Jump12.26m / 40' 2.75"X
7/31/1517-18 MenAlec HastingsLodi Track Club63000m9:08.95X
DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceEventMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
8/1/157-8 GirlsChloe ElbazMarin Waves T&F Club7800m2:51.20
8/1/157-8 GirlsUmoja TC84x100m Relay1:04.53
8/1/159-10 GirlsKeilee HallM.P. Striders Youth TC4800m2:33.18
8/1/159-10 BoysJustin PretreWoodside Wildebeests3800m2:25.68
8/1/1511-12 GirlsMadison DennyOak Hill Racing83000m10:43.74
8/1/1511-12 BoysDylan GunnDiablo Valley Track & Field93000m10:13.59
8/1/1511-12 BoysSean HuckleberryMarin Waves T&F Club8Long Jump4.95m / 16' 3"
8/1/1513-14 GirlsJazlynn ShearerUmoja TC5200m Hurdles Semi28.59
8/1/1513-14 GirlsIsabella FauriaOak Hill Racing23000m10:08.41
8/1/1513-14 GirlsAnnika PaylorLos Gatos Track Club43000m10:15.65
8/1/1513-14 GirlsReina GarciaLos Gatos Track Club93000m10:30.11
8/1/1513-14 GirlsNatalie RogersUnattached3Discus33.01m / 108' 3"
8/1/1513-14 BoysNewtan QuinlanM.P. Striders Youth TC6800m2:03.57
8/1/1513-14 BoysPreston NorrisMt. Diablo Heat23000m9:26.76X
8/1/1515-16 GirlsMikayla Nolen-ReveraUmoja TC4400m Semi-Final55.82
8/1/1515-16 GirlsAlize HartkeEast Sacramento Running Academy83000m10:55.52
DateAge GroupAthleteClubPlaceEventMark/TimeNational ChampionPA Record
8/2/157-8 GirlsChloe ElbazMarin Waves T&F Club71500m5:54.33
8/2/157-8 BoysDaniel SkanderaUnattached11500m5:08.52Nat'l RecordX
8/2/159-10 GirlsKeilee HallM.P. Striders Youth TC41500m5:20.10
8/2/159-10 BoysJustin PretreWoodside Wildebeests31500m5:00.06
8/2/159-10 BoysMiles Jones3M Track Club51500m5:03.04
8/2/1511-12 BoysDi'Niko Bates3M Track Club680m Hurdles12.49
8/2/1513-14 GirlsJazlynn ShearerUmoja TC2100m Hurdles14.33
8/2/1513-14 GirlsJazlynn ShearerUmoja TC5200m Hurdles29.00
8/2/1513-14 GirlsIsabella FauriaOak Hill Racing11500m4:36.19X
8/2/1513-14 GirlsNatalie RogersUnattached10Shot Put11.80m / 38' 8.75"
8/2/1513-14 BoysPreston NorrisMt. Diablo Heat101500m4:27.05
8/2/1513-14 BoysPayton FullerUnattached5Discus46.01m / 150' 11"
8/2/1513-14 BoysLucas MooreDiablo Valley Track & Field10Discus40.70m / 133' 6"
8/2/1515-16 GirlsMikayla Nolen-ReveraUmoja TC4400m56.29
8/2/1515-16 Boys Jason GomezMt. Diablo Heat71500m4:11.33
8/2/1515-16 Boys Parker WilkersonDiablo Valley Track & Field81500m4:26.21
8/2/1515-16 Boys Luke LargusaCastro Valley Track Club8Javelin45.12m / 148' 0"
8/2/1517-18 MenDavid FrisbieMission Valley Track & Field21500m3:59.82X