USATF Pacific

PA Emeritus Officials Policy



The Officials Committee of Pacific Association, USATF (PAOC), will honor officials of long and distinguished service who wish to retire, with the status of Emeritus officials in accordance with the guidelines of the USATF National Officials Committee (NOC) as published on the website, with the following exceptions, clarifications and provisos.

Considerations for becoming Emeritus:

  • The candidate has been a USATF-certified official for at least 20 years.
  • PAOC specifically recognizes service at High School and NCAA meets of a local, state-wide, and regional nature;
  • The candidate is recognized by his or her Pacific Association peers as outstanding.

Process of becoming Emeritus:

  • The official who wishes to become emeritus shall request this status, in writing, to the PAOC Certification Chair. The granting of emeritus status shall be at the discretion of the Certification Chair, with the approval of the PAOC executive committee;
  • Neither the PAOC nor any of its officers may direct an official to become Emeritus.

Benefits to Emeritus officials:

  • Emeritus Officials are excused from paying dues.
  • Emeritus Officials are excused from taking certification reviews.
  • Emeritus Officials (plus one guest per official) shall be invited as guests of the PAOC (at no expense to themselves) to the committee’s Annual Meeting and luncheon.
  • The names of Emeritus Officials shall be engraved on the appropriate plaque in the Officials Room at Edwards Stadium, UC Berkeley.
  • The Certification Chair of the PAOC shall advise the National Certification Chair of the Emeritus Official’s status so that said official may be eligible for such honors as the NOC may bestow.
  • Emeritus Officials shall receive a certificate of appreciation from the PAOC, normally at the annual meeting in the year they become emeritus.
  • Emeritus Officials shall continue to receive any and all publications, in whatever medium, of the PAOC excluding competition applications.

Guidelines for Emeritus officials:

  • Emeritus Officials should not be assigned as heads-of-event or lead officials.
  • Emeritus Officials are encouraged to mentor more-junior officials.
  • Emeritus Officials are encouraged to be clinicians in the PAOC training program.
  • National Officials Committee policy states that “an Emeritus Official is no longer eligible to work at National or above level meets as a competition official.
  • Emeritus officials-because they are neither maintaining skill certifications, nor paying dues-may not vote in PAOC elections, nor hold office within PAOC, except as allowed by the PAOC Operating Procedures.

Updated 16 December 2022 to conform with NOC Certification Regulation.