USATF Pacific

How to Become an Official Beta

So you’re interested in becoming a CERTIFIED USA TRACK & FIELD OFFICIAL?


What is the first step? If you live in Northern California or certain areas of Nevada, you are a resident of the Pacific Association of USA Track & Field. Contact your Regional Resource Coordinator (click here).

You may also want to view this information on the USATF website: Certification Levels and Requirements for Advancement.

****What do I do next? Follow the instructions in the CERTIFICATION PROCESS DOCUMENT.****

How soon can I start? Right now, if you wish. Check the Training page for the current schedule of clinics (held in January through February) for some insight; choose a track, field, race walking, cross-country, long-distance running, or youth meet, come out, introduce yourself and offer to help on an event you particularly like. You’ll be welcome and will receive on-the-job training!

I’m mainly interested in Race Walking/Youth Athletics/Long-Distance Running. Is certification for me? Yes. Certified officials are involved in every sport and discipline under the aegis of USA Track & Field, and certification programs are available for every one of them.


  • If you are already helping with your children’s meets, the certification process, and officials’clinics later on, will help you improve your skills.
  • If you are a former athlete, officiating will help you keep in touch with our great sport.
  • At most meets, the organizers will give you lunch or at least a snack. Most will provide parking; and you can deduct transportation and other costs on your taxes.
  • At quite a few meets, the organizers will give you a shirt or hat.
  • Mostly, you’ll get the thanks of athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators–and other officials–who know this sport cannot go forward without skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.


Mentor Program

  • The Pacific Association Mentoring Program benefits the sport of track and field by providing the knowledge, skills, and professional contacts of veteran officials for newly certified officials. Mentoring also assists veteran officials who wish to upgrade their certifications. Mentoring improves the officials’ overall effectiveness, promotes individual growth, and adds to their professional development. Mentoring also improves the retention of our new and veteran officials.
  • For more information go to the Mentor Program page.