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COACHES New requirement to be on Coaches Registry – Effective January’19

Effective January 2019


New Education Standard for USATF Coaches Registry

To further elevate the professional credibility of the USATF Coaches Registry and its members, USATF has established a new Education Standard for the USATF Coaches Registry. The Education Standard provides for a baseline standard of professional education or coaching accomplishment in the sport of track and field for coaches seeking admission to the Registry.
By establishing a baseline standard of professional education or coaching experience, the Education Standard aligns with best practices for professional certifications in other fields, within the coaching industry at large, and with licensing protocols of other Olympic families national governing bodies.


To be part of the USATF Coaches Registry, an individual must currently be a current USATF member, undergo a current background screen from an approved screening agency, and complete USOC Safe Sport training.
The Education Standard is a one-time requirement. Once a coach has met the Education Standard, he or she has fulfilled the requirement for as long as the coach is part of the Registry.


The Requirement of the Education Standard to receive benefits of the Coaches Registry will take effect beginning January 2019. USATF coaches may begin adding their Education Standard to their Coaches Registry profile beginning fall 2018. Instructions to complete the process will be provided prior to the start of the enrollment period. Coaches should be prepared to produce proof of qualification if so requested.


Any person who has completed one of the approved coaching education courses for track or field or who qualifies based on career accomplishments as a track and field coach is eligible.
Meeting the Education Standard
There are two different paths to meet the Educational Standard for the Coaches Registry: Complete a verified educational course, OR achieve a specified coaching accomplishment.

1. Path 1: Complete a verified course of education. Complete any one of the following


a. Level 1, 2, or 3 of the USATF CE Professional Pathway of Coach Certification
b. USATF Cross Country Specialist Course
c. Completion of a USATF Event Skill Specialist Course (Learn by Doing Clinic)

d. NFHS Coaching Track and field (online) AND any approved sports science course on USATF Campus (online)
e. Technical Basic course of the USTFCCCA Academy or any advanced course (online or classroom)

Certificate of completion for any of the above courses serves as verification of Education Standard.

2. Path 2: Accomplish an Education Standard equivalency during one’s coaching career, through a body of work, a career honor, or demonstrated professional coaching
career. Demonstrate any one of the following:

a. Member of an international coaching staff selected by USATF over the last 5 Olympic quadrennials
b. Primary coach of record of a medalist athlete on any one of the “big three” teams (Olympics, World Champs, Pan-Am Games)

c. Elite technical coach of USA National Team athletes over a 10-year period (coach must list athletes’ names and contact information)
d. Hall of Fame Coach for USATF, USTFCCCA or National Scholastic Track Coaches Association

e. National Coach of the Year for USATF or USOC
f. USTFCCCA National Head or Assistant Coach of the Year for men’s or women’s (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA) cross country, indoor or outdoor track & field

g. Employment as a track coach at a scholastic or collegiate institution for a

10-year period verified by employers’ information.
The USATF National Office staff will provide oversight of all components of the Coaches Registry. An oversight subcommittee from the Coaches Advisory Committee will review and evaluate any issue with a coach’s education standard.
For more information, contact Terry Crawford, USATF Director of Coaching.