Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

LDR October 2023 LDR Committee Meeting info

October 2023 PAUSATF LDR Committee meeting:

Meeting will be held Sunday, October 8th  via Zoom.

Please contact Angie Longworth at [email protected] for Zoom information.



  1. Status of XC races- participation level review. Suggestions to increase participation in events outside of GGP.
  2. 2024 Road Bid package updated and ready to send out. Any new events to look at?
    1. Additional considerations for the package (pay officials a small amount, etc)
  3. 2024 Grow to Impact proposal to expand MUT to incorporate a short series.
  4. We need all LDR teams to send volunteers to help with the PA XC Championship races. Areas with needs include
    1. Course set up
    2. Course monitoring
    3. Course breakdown
    4. Water set up
    5. What else?
  5. LDR is looking for a secretary and a communications lead. Any interest from the LDR teams?
  6. We want to start highlighting all teams. (communications chair would set up cadence, questions/ content and send to FB, Instagram, Webiste).
  7. Vin Lananna message to PAUSATF – the future is our Youth- what can we, as LDR, do for outreach to youth?
  8. New topics.