USATF Pacific

Online Registration

Online Registration


If you reside within the PA/USATF boundaries, click on the the link below to continue.
Otherwise, please read the message below for reasons you may not want to register on line. Also read the membership eligibility guidelines.

Click Here to Sign Up Online

Note: Please disregard the request for proof of age message which is returned after On-Line Application.

Membership Eligibility Guidelines
Please read these guidlines if you are not a U.S. citizen or if you are not a resident of the PA Association!

Message for Non Resident Athletes

Non-resident athletes who register online are automatically placed in their resident association, and only that association may override the athlete’s association. For similar reasons, non-resident athletes applying online probably cannot properly enter their club affiliations– because their resident association won’t have the same clubs and club numbers. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that any non-resident athletes who are eligible to compete in the Pacific Association submit their USATF applications through the PA office. Go back to the home page and click on the red box at the bottom for "Applications" and then on "Individuals" for a printable version of the application which you can then send to the Pacific Association office. Or feel free to contact Membership Chair Irene Herman ([email protected]) if you would like her to mail you applications.

Note: You are considered a "resident" within the Pacific Association only if you reside within the Association’s geographical boundaries. These boundaries are the Oregon/California border on the north, San Luis Obispo (INCLUDING San Luis Obisbo, but not including Fresno) in central California on the south, Northwest Nevada (just beyond Reno) to the east, and the Pacific Ocean on the west.


Please feel free to contact one of the appropriate Sports Committee chairs if you have any questions.

revised 1/26/14