USATF Pacific

USATF Pacific Logos

USATF Pacific Logos and Logo /Text Usage Guidleines


Below are the horizontal and vertical versions of the USATF Pacific logos, as required by the national office October, 2014.

  • You may simply select and drag these to your desktop.
  • Please update older forms in current use by your committee with these logos, and use them on new forms andcomunications.
  • Do not distort or alter them in any way, and be sure there is white space around them.
  • Read the USATF Branding Manual for more details
  • If you wish to have any other file type than the four versions posted here, contact Communications Committee Chair Cynci Calvin.
  • Also note that the appropriate text to use for the name of the Pacific Association is “USATF Pacific.”


Low Resolution (Web, 504 px x 432 px ) Version, Horizontal
Low Resolution (Web, 432 px x 432 px), Vertical

High Resolution (Print, 2100 px x 1800 px) Version,  Horizontal

High Resolution (Print, 1800px x 1800 px) Version,  Vertical