USATF Pacific


$15,000 GRAND PRIX

The 2009 PA USATF Grand Prix includes all Olympic contested track and field events.

Prize money for registered Pacific Association USATF resident athletes:

  • $15,000, to be distributed to the top ten PA men and the top ten PA women in the final point totals.
  • There is no event specific competition.

2009 Competition Dates:

  • A registered Pacific Association athlete may score PA Grand Prix points in outdoor meets from Feb. 15 through June 21 that can be used to qualify for entry into the USATF Championships in Eugene, Ore.
  • Bonus points may be earned by PA athletes who compete in the USATF Championships.

Scoring: The current IAAF Scoring Table of Athletics will be used for event scoring & calculations.

  • Meets: Registered PA Athletes may use up to their five (5) highest scored meets, utilizing the IAAF Scoring Table of Athletics.
  • An athlete must attain a score of at least 900 points in an individual performance to score.
  • Only one (highest) scoring event per meet is allowed.
  • (A purpose of the PA Grand Prix is to develop athletes to be competitive on the national level.)
  • Combined events exception: In a two-day multi-event competition, an athlete may submit any two individual event scores which meet the 900-point minimum requirement OR the final score for the full combined event competition (if it meets the 900-point minimum) —which would then be awarded double points in the PA Grand Prix.
  • A double score also counts as two meets.
  • Of the total of five meets, an athlete can earn points in no more than three (3) meets outside of the Pacific Association.  Any of the five meets can be within the Pacific Association.
  • Double Points at PA Championships: Points will be doubled at the Pacific Association USATF Championships, scheduled for Sunday, May 24, 2009 at the College of San Mateo.  Additional prize money will be awarded for up to three (each) top individual men and women (IAAF) point scorers at the PA USATF Championships.
  • USATF Championship bonus points (to be added to athlete’s previous total): In addition to the five regular season meets, an athlete will receive bonus points for one event (highest scoring) at the 2009 USATF Track & Field Championships.


Any athlete wishing to participate in the Pacific Association Grand Prix must:

  1. Be a 2009 registered Pacific Association USATF athlete.
    Athletes may complete their PA USATF registration on-line at the PA website at
    For further information/assistance – please contact the PA office at 916-983-4715.
  2. Sign-up for the PA Grand Prix by emailing the following information to Fred Baer (PA USATF T&F Grand Prix Chair): [email protected].

First & Last Name:___________________________________________________________________________

PA USATF registration number:________________________________________________________________

Email address:_______________________________________________________________________________

Postal mailing address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Residence address (if different):_______________________________________________________________________________________________

An athlete must complete the above registration process before submitting any marks for PA scoring – and no later than 15 days after the first meet for which any scoring points are submitted.  Exception: The deadline for submitting marks from early season (February and March) competitions, shall be April 30.

Athletes still eligible for scholastic or intercollegiate competition may not receive PA Grand Prix prize money.

Each athlete is responsible for reporting all qualifying marks for inclusion in the PA USATF T&F Grand Prix.  This includes any mark at the USATF Championships (by no later than July 6, 2009).

Report:  meet date, site, event, and mark.  For field events, the actual metric measurement should be submitted.

Submit by email to:   [email protected]